Business Studies Paper on Corporate Social Responsibility – Reading Reflection Journal

Corporate Social Responsibility – Reading Reflection Journal

The article “Global Responsibility Report” talks about a number of corporate efforts related to workplace, compliance and sourcing, and social and environmental responsibility that have been issues of concern globally for a long time. Did you know that Walmart is a global organization that struggles to ensure responsibility is achieved globally?

By reading the article, one will learn that Walmart is an organization found in different countries in the world, such as the US, India, and Japan among others. The foundation plays integral roles in ensuring human beings are secure in all aspects. The foundation has done a lot to ensure global food safety, responsible sourcing, energy, women’s economic empowerment, and product sustainability support. In my opinion, the Walmart Foundation should be rewarded for its positive efforts. There are several positive contributions made by the foundation across the globe. These include fighting hunger, ensuring emergency preparedness, volunteering in community services, and hiring of associates and military veterans among others.

The world is facing a number of challenges today. Many people are becoming poor, others are dying from hunger and diseases, and insecurity is becoming a global concern. All these are under control, as the Walmart Foundation has stepped up in its roles. There has been a significant difference in the lives of people all over the world every day, thanks to the Walmart Foundation’s efforts. The modern generation faces a serious scare as morals and cultural beliefs are on the verge of extinction. We should be happy since the foundation has once again stepped up to ensure that cultural beliefs and moral uprightness are maintained.  In order to ensure universal happiness, more support should be given to the foundation in its efforts and struggles. In this way, the world will witness positive changes.