Business Studies Essay Paper on SWOT analysis for Indiana State University

SWOT analysis for Indiana State University

Strength: the university is culturally diverse, allowing students from different cultural backgrounds to fit in and feel at home. The welcoming atmosphere is essential for attracting freshmen to the college. The university has also tried to integrate the latest technology into the teaching and learning experience, hence learning is very interactive and engaging.

Weakness: most of the programs are underfunded and budgets are stretched. This makes it difficult for all freshmen to get hands on experiential learning. Development of critical thinking and entrepreneurial skills is weak because the university does not possess a systematic internship program across all programs.

Opportunities: there is an increase in the number of adult learners seeking intellectual enrichment and upgrade in skills. With the increased investment in the college’s internet connectivity, the college can exploit a worldwide online market for education. In addition, the growth of small industries around the university offers a chance to build synergetic relationships with the industry.

Threats: the state budget towards education is limited, and this may force future increases in tuition fees. There is also intense competition for the online learning programs as most universities roll out programs to lure students. Despite the investments done in technology, technology changes much faster than the capacity to adopt.

  • Applying the Economic Logic Element of the Strategy Diamond

I expect that after I am through with my course, I should be able to get a job that will help me to recoup the investment I have made in education. Therefore, I intend to differentiate myself in the market by specializing and upgrading my skills to ensure that my services are relevant to and valued by the market place. In addition, I intend to save and invest my earnings to help me secure my future and retire early enough to enjoy the fruits of my work.