Business Studies Essay Paper on Sales Force Organization Audit for Coca Cola Company

Sales Force Organization Audit for Coca Cola Company

Sales force organization environment

Structurally, the company has a board of directors that heads various departments in the company. Below this board, the company’s president comes next, while the regional managers operate below the company’s president. Below these regional managers, there are other managers such as marketing managers, production managers, and general managers. At the local level, there are marketing managers responsible for promoting the company’s products with the help of various regional managers and sales executives (Hill, Jones, & Schilling, 2014). In terms of target market, the company does not have a specific target market, but its products segment customers based on the income, family sizes, and ages.      

Political factors do not affect the company significantly because the company does not manufacture products that require governments’ intervention. However, some political decisions that relate to health issues especially those touching on consumption of sugary substances affect the company slightly.    

Economic factors are the most critical because the company conducts its businesses in over 200 hundred countries worldwide. The most critical one is the exchange rate; this factor affects the company’s annual profit because it mostly keeps on changing. Economic growth is also a critical economic factor because it dictates the manner in which consumers buy the company’s products. In addition, taxation is also a critical factor because it sometimes affects the prices of the company’s products. Interest rates are not significant factors because the company does not borrow frequently to expand its businesses (Hair et al., 2008).

Social factors also affect the company even though not to a great extent. This factor affects the company when social behaviors that relate to consumption of soft drinks change. Technological factors do not affect the company significantly because the company is not a technology related one. At the same time, legal factors do not affect the company significantly unless they concern themselves with taxation and environment (Hair et al., 2008). Finally, environmental factors do not affect the company significantly even if they affect sugar and water, which are the company’s main raw materials.

Sales force organization planning system

The sales force goals and objectives are usually aimed at enhancing the retailing of the company’s main product, which is Coca cola. Other products come as by products, but they gain recognition as the company promotes coca cola. The marketing department under the head of marketing department is responsible for developing the sales management programs (Hill, Jones, & Schilling, 2014). In terms of deploying the sales management program, the company has an efficient strategy that more often than not focuses its attention on refreshing the world and inspiring moments of optimism and happiness.  

Sales management functions

The company’s marketing department is organized into small marketing units. These marketing units promote the company’s products at their respective regions. For example, the regional marketing managers based at various parts of each country are responsible of recruiting new distributors and retailers in their respective regions. On the other hand, the various marketing managers based in each country are responsible of ensuring that regional managers in their respective countries perform their duties as expected. The sales targets are usually set at country levels, but the head office has significant influence on them. In terms of training, the company usually organizes trainings for its distributors and retailers. In addition, the company also organizes marketing trainings for its sales executives (Butler, & Tischler, 2015).     

Sales manager evaluation

The marketing strategies are usually executed by the sales managers based in over 200 hundred countries. These managers are usually skilful in leadership. They are also skilful in motivating employees and distributors in marketing the company’s products (Hair et al., 2008). In order to motivate its marketing employees, the company offers these people quarterly based incentives. In addition, the company organizes for foreign trips for its marketing managers and other high-ranking employees that exceed their annual targets.  


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