Business Studies Essay Paper on Cultural Comparison Reaction Paper

Cultural Comparison Reaction Paper

The article, ‘Doing business in China: cultural differences to watch for’, is written by Hao Li, and can be found at,

The article provides information about business culture in China that will help western business people interact well with the Chinese. The article reports that China has a promising market for westerners and notes that for western business people to trade in China, they need to embrace the Chinese culture and know how to use these differences to bridge cultural barriers that may rise between western and China business people.

It points out key cultural difference that the western business people may encounter while trading in China. Since ones reputation is vital in china, an individual should avoid any action likely to humiliate or ruin his/her reputation. Patience is also vital, and a person should not show anger or look frustrated when negotiating with Chinese.

Other things to consider are the fact that since China people do not like physical touch, when meetings start with shaking of hands, and exchange business cards on first meeting. When offered foods, a person should accept it and in case you do not want to eat, you should leave it on the plate. In addition, a person should not associate with unlucky number four but rather embrace number eight, which is considered lucky. A person should not point using the index finger, should be punctual, should not shrill, and should avoid clicking finger.

  Body language matters a lot in China and that one is expected to remain calm and composed. It is surprising to find that relationships are very formal and number 4 is not favored. Moreover, humility and respect are most valuable virtues. However, I have learned that while building friendship, one should not rush things as it takes time to get it going. The Chinese business culture and manners is very much different from Western business practice.        

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