Biology Article Review Paper on Journal Entry about Water

Journal Entry about Water

Human beings have for a long time been involved in various activities to improve their lives. Although most of the time these activities have resulted in a better life for human beings, at times they have been shown to have a lot of negative effects on humans as well as other living organisms in their surroundings.

One of the most affected components is water, and the other items that depend on water for their survival. In the past, it was possible to get fresh water from different sources. However, currently, research shows that there are significant changes in several water sources that include rivers. Because of this, what is considered to be fresh water is not really fresh. The water content in most of these rivers has been found to contain more alkaline than pure substances. Surprisingly, they are found in extensive regions that include the U.S among other further regions.

Several things have changed in relation to the way that the environment is taken care of. It is because humans have stopped being responsible for their environment. Instead of managing it in a proper way, they have been involved in the misuse of their surrounding at times for their own benefit and personal gain. Some of those who have done intensive research on these areas include geologists. Some of them have documented that beside the alkaline nature of these rivers, they also have high salt contents.

Like most of the other issues, this trend began as a minor activity. However, it has become widespread to the extent that it is now a problem. As such, more research is being conducted to find a solution to the already growing predicament.