Big Event

Big Event

Every single young person contemplates of his or her future. A fruitful as well as flourishing life is what each person dreams of. My parents have at all times told me that learning is the gateway to a decent life. Therefore, the choice that one comes up with at school defines his or her coming days. I have invariably contemplated of acquiring a decent salaried and highly regarded job. Employment will make sure that I am economically established to have a family and satisfy all their needs.

This dream lead to the thought of studying overseas. This is due to the fact that foreign nations present improved learning in contrast to my country as they have more advanced education amenities as well as experienced tutors. Consequently, by acquiring education overseas, I will have an opportunity to expound my know-how and as a result get a decent job. Nevertheless, learning overseas is not cheap for every person as there are vast sums of money needed. For instance, school fees, transport as well as housing are summed up to huge money.

Consequently, I enrolled for a scholarship to aid cater for my expenditures. This was exceptional news to me- a dream come true. I had this feeling due to the fact that I was offered a chance to mend my life via getting the best education overseas. The studentship as well was great news to my family. This is due to the fact that I have at all times articulated to them that I aspired to learn overseas, but they marveled on how to amass the school fees. With my new scholarship, this is no longer an issue. I was so fascinated that I always kept contemplating on my life abroad, finding new friends as well as keeping it a bay from my parents and friends.

Following getting the scholarship, the other responsibility was to opt on the best country for my education. As a result, I opted to search online. My friends as well aided me whilst making suggestions. Each person came up with diverse ideas on the issue. My parents were not left behind, they advised me on the best country to pick, however I wanted to go for what I feel fine for me. Nevertheless, it was not easy because I was confused due to extensive schools available and choices to make; I desired for a school with qualified teachers, a good course to earn me great employment anywhere.

My father, for instance, is a corporate manager, and I always aspire to be like him. I look up to him, as a result, I was successful in my business studies. Consequently, I opted to inquire from him what he pursued in order for me to get a hint on what to pursue. I as well ascertained that U.S offers finest education. In addition, a friend who studied in the U.S feed me with accounts on the country and swayed me to pursue my education there.

Following my parents and friends advice, as well as internet search, I opted to pursue business administration. With this course, it will be easy to hold great skills for running a company like my dad. I was fascinated and hoped days would go faster. A few days later, he came with an application letter from the University in the United States. After going through the letter, I ascertained that I have two weeks before my departure. As a result, began hanging around with my pals and informing them that am going abroad. I inquired from my friends what to carry or how to dress in the U.S as I am from an Arabic nation. I got diverse ideas, however I opted to make a decision once I get there. I as well commenced packing letting my parents know how much I will miss them. They were sad too, but they had to let me go as I was going to study in the United States.

After a long wait, I was set for the journey, and each person wished me good luck. I was escorted to the airport by my parents and a number of friends. I was blissful and at the same time dejected as I knew I would miss my parents and friends. I gestured and carried my bags to the airplane.

I landed early in the morning, and took a taxi straight to the university. I was surprised by the large number of people I came across from all walks of life, diverse cultures, dialects as well as societies. Majority spoke fluent English, unlike me, as I always had a problem. I was given a house and shown my classes. My colleague was an American and very compassionate. He helped me in where necessary as well as taught me how to speak better English, we also attended classes together.

Initially, I was not able to apprehend the material that tutors assigned us, however I go used in no time. Understandably, I missed my friends and parents, however my colleague illustrated how I could share with them via internet. I as well ascertained that the way of dressing was diverse from what we don in our country. It was indeed a great encounter as well as a huge occasion in my life, and one that I adored.