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Part 1

Material culture of Abu Dhabi

          The vernacular architecture of Abu Dhabi is deeply swayed by traditional lifestyle, tribal custom, resources, and the environment which is mostly desert with inadequate resources. The materials that were used for building were simple but did fit with the lifestyle, and the climate. Tents were used for shelter and camels for transportation. During the sunny days they used the palms to make shelters and they stayed on the coastal regions. In the coastal regions fishing was present and pearling and other traditional practices were also existing. Most of the traditional materials used have not stood the test of time however new technology has presented Abu Dhabi with a new architectural designs though they have been influenced by the old culture.  

Non-material culture

          In Abu Dhabi the most tribes that are found there are Arabic, though, there has been little change in relation to social life as modernization take place. The religion that many practice in the region is Islam, and the majority of the population practice it. There are also social activities such as sports that people participate in. the language spoken is Arabic and the family values are highly regarded and respected.

Norms and standard of behavior

          As a visitor a person is expected to conform to their traditions. They are expected to follow and respect the tradition of the region. They also have a decency code that all tourist should follow, and in the case of women they are required to cover their body including the head. The western fashion is not allowed even for the visitors, and they expect people to respect the family culture especially women and children. Public display of affection, and drinking especially for women is not permitted. There are rules to ensure that people stick to the norms and for some are even advocating for harsher penalties. In the month of Ramadan they are strict with smoking, drinking, and strict on what you eat especially during the day. There are laws that prohibit it and the residence also takes it very offensive if a visitor breaks this rules. So the next time you visit Abu Dhabi don’t be surprised when you find yourself facing the judge for indecency don’t be surprised.

UAE December 2 National Day

          December 2 is the national day of and is celebrated each year in the United Arab Emirates. It marks the day that the UAE became formally nationalized from the treaty of the British protectorate on the year 1971. On that day December 2 all the seven emirates were united as one and became the United Arab Emirates. Its first president was Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, and ostentatious celebrations are held all over the country each year.

UAE form of government

          The form of government in UAE is a monarchy, the president is elected though from either of monarchs of from any of the seven emirates. The current president is Khalifa bin Zayid al-Nuhayyan, the head of the government is the vice president and the prime minister. The president is responsible of appointing the cabinet. There is also a Federal Supreme Council that comprises of the seven rulers of the emirates. There is the need for a constitution for the sake of inclusion of every citizen since all the major decisions are at the moment left to the president and the seven rulers of the emirates. To ensure equality and participation, all the citizens should be able to have a voice and participate in the formation of the government.

The golden rule

          The majority do not rule and this is evident in many countries that use democracy as a way of ruling. It is not that obvious especially in the actual determining policies outcome. When the majority do not agree with the state of the economy the elite that normally have the most interest win and the majority lose. Their status and biasness also ensure whatever is decided favors them even if the others suffer. 

Part 2

Good Writing Practice

To become a good writer it is important to cultivate a run-through that helps to create decent content. First having a purpose, and opinion is crucial since it helps one to have a good reason of why they are writing. Therefore,it helps in selling, sharing the content and at the same time have a message and a purpose. Writing daily is also important since it helps a writer to improve and aids one to put the ides in a format that they want. Writing down ideas and keeping your content unique or personal benefits a person in become a good writer. Indeed not all printed materials are good,and well written, in today’s world there have emerged numerous authors writing for different reasons and at time these writers have no formal training at any level.  Many people want to be writers but not all are good writers, the basic rules of writing must be followed and even though it is not easy for an average readers/writer to discover this mistakes an expert in writing is able to identify them. To be able to distinguish decent writing from bad writing one needs to look further and not just judge the material by how well it is done on print. Reading bad content cannot be helpful to a writer that is beginning and intends to grow to be a great writer, it is essential to research and understand the good writers. In order to distinguish a good writer from a bad one, it is important to check the name, qualification, previous work and position. Also significant is the affiliation and the audience level that the material targets, this is crucial since it helps a reader avoid misleading content. For an aspiring writer that want to be original and fresh it is imperative to look up for reliable and accurate content. Reading good quality work is vital to readers and especially aspiring writers, this is because seasoned writers that have stood the test of time have a lot to offer. These authors write for credible organizations that would never compromise on the quality of their work. Articles from good writers helps in generating ideas, inspires new materials and also helps new writers cultivate their own consistent practice.

Social and Cultural Ethics

Each culture has is norms and in the past it was limited to specific groups, (communities) and each group believed that their culture was superior to others and treated the rest with prejudice. Before specific groups had their own way of life and guarded their culture to ensure not even outsiders knew their norms. It was important that they related at a group level and an outsider was not necessarily treated ethically. Ethics are applicable in groups and even at times it has a life of its own. Different cultures had different traits depending on the area of residence and since interaction among different groups was minimal each group had its own social norms. However in today’s world where interaction is inevitable since people are now able to travel further and wide. Individuals, now have to be critical of their ethics and must now try and behave in a way that the relationship and communication among different people is not affected. This change in moral behavior is to promote social ethics and establish a harmonious life with other communities. Indeed all this effort by man to change moral beliefs and accommodate others can be said to be for the improvement of man’sinner peace. As humans we are conscious and concern about fellow beings and we want to do good to others.

Prevention of Disease through Vaccination

Prevention is said to be better than cure, and also less expensive. Many countries at the moment are trying to follow this examples by use of vaccination especially in children. There are countries that have succeeded and there are those that are still struggling with vaccination. Vaccination can be described as the stimulation of a person’s immune system through administering of antigenic materials. In Germany vaccination has been successful in exterminating all diseases, birth defects, and complications that arises from diseases. In the case of smallpox the vaccination has been a total successand not even a single case can be found among the citizens, and the only virus in that country can only be found in a laboratory. Germany has also been able to eradicate all the cases of polio in their country in the last thirty years. The achievement are remarkable and the country has been able to eradicate all the deadly diseases in the country effectively. At the moment Germany is free from such diseases and many are happy to live healthy and without fear of a lethal outbreak affecting them. Though some still live in fear of another major disease they can at least celebrate the victory they have had since and all their children are now safe and the present diseases have been vanquished. 


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