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Article Review

People often try to watch their diet in order to reveal shape, and often strength train to improve the shape. This is classic advice although many people have a hard time putting the advice into practice. In the article, Nick Tumminello is an innovator who always has a unique tweak to make any movement more effective. He is famous among other people as “Coach Nick”.

The article articulates that across the world, obesity is on the rise and the best solution to it is strength training. Strength training is just one of the personal responsibilities that make people end up paralyzed by all of the confusion created by infomercials, conflicting information, fad diets and complex industry jargon.

According to the article, fat loss is an objective among many individuals and the “status quo” is often thought to be about emphasizing cardio exercise over strength training. The reason for this is that cardio exercise tends to burn more calories during workout as compared to strength training. Most females often prefer cardio exercises in order to lose fat. It is important that people should avoid fad diets if they do not want to go extra miles trying to lose fat accumulated in their bodies.

Moreover, the article argues that people often get confused about fat loss and weight loss. In real sense, when people work out and do cardio exercises or strength training, the main aim is often to burn the fat and not lose muscle. Thus, it is correct for one to say he or she does cardio exercises with the aim of losing fat.

People should embrace the fact that no one is perfect and that life throws at people typical situations through work, travel and family responsibilities. When people are overweight they should not be criticized or blamed. However, people should always remember to watch their unrealistic diets and also try to change their entire lifestyles overnight.