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 Smoking of cigarettes among teens in the United States is on the rise. This has led to the development of various opinions concerning this act. Most of the research done on cigarette smoking among teens in the US has come up with several reasons as to why teens may indulge in this form of drug abuse. Some of the teens argue that cigarette smoking helps them to reduce stress and cut weight. Some also feel that it is an act that can be stopped anytime and therefore, they often engage in cigarette smoking with the mentality that they cannot get addicted. Nevertheless, this has never been the case. Some of the teens also find themselves smoking due to peer pressure while other smoking habits are hereditary. That is to say, some teens smoke because their parents are also smokers. Attractive advertisements of cigarette types have also been seen as major contributing factors of cigarette smoking among teens. There are several opinions developed as a result of cigarette smoking. Some people have the opinion that the effect of cigarette smoking is only on smokers alone. This fact is not true. One may become a passive smoker by involuntarily inhaling the smoke from other smokers. The end result is every one around being a passive smoker, which is more dangerous than first hand smoking.

Smoking among teens in the United States is seen to be increasing each day by an estimation of nearly 6000 children under the age of 18 years getting involved in this act. Out of this estimate, 2000 become regular smokers while the rest may withdraw from the act. When this figure is calculated annually then it translates to about 800,000 teens getting involved in smoking. A shocking estimate is that about 4.5 million teenagers in the United States are cigarette smokers with almost 90% beginning this act at a very tender age of less than 21. The fear is that if the trend continues then about 6.4 million children are likely to face premature deaths due to diseases related to smoking. The current prevalence of cigarette smoking among the youths and high school children stands at 28 percent. The teenagers smoking regularly have been seen to have a very hard time in quitting this act. This is a problem that long term smokers also face.

The survey also reports that teenagers who have smoked an estimated 100 cigarettes in their life time with a promise that they would stop one time, have never succeeded in quitting the act. Most teens smoke cigarettes to increase their youthful vigor and sexual desires and anxiety. However, cigarette smoking among the teenagers is associated with various behaviors that compromise health such as fights, carrying weapons and involving in irresponsible sexual behavior. Smoking could also lure teenagers to involve themselves in other drugs such as alcohol among others. The report given by World Health Organization indicates that one out of five teenagers aged between 13 and 18 years are cigarette smokers worldwide. Poverty is another factor contributing to teen smoking with an estimation of 33 percent. Cigarette smoking has serious effects not only among the teens but also among the adults. Cigarette smokers face high risk of heart attack and stroke. Among teenagers, it could lead to retardation in lung growth and various respiratory illnesses.