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Proposal progress report

Complete activities

The proposal concerns animal rehabilitation and aims at informing students how animal rehabilitation will affect the future of veterinary medicine. I have included pet owners to the audience list, which mainly targets veterinary medicine students, veterinary students and pre-veterinary students. I have defined animal definition and obtained rationale for it in veterinary practice form the seven articles that I have already read. I have conducted some surveys that have enabled me compose a draft of the report.

Activities in progressive

I am currently working on the thirteen responses that I received form the respondents I sent email addresses to. These responses will help me obtain relevant information that will help me know the future of animal rehabilitation. The responses will help in knowing the demand of animal rehabilitation among the audience.

 Remaining activities

There are four more articles to be read that contain useful information about animal rehabilitation. Citations of the surveys are still to be made and later I will be required to write thank you notes to respective respondents for their information. The notes will be sent on 5th of April and those that asked questions will find respective responses in the notes.

Mistakes and problems encountered

During the survey, email addresses were sent to respondents and responses were also to be sent to me via email too. Probably some respondents were willing to ask questions but lacked the chance and gave up. It is probable that only those who got the morale to send their questions asked their respective questions. This is a great mistake, which could limit obtaining feedback form the respondents. Responses were not timely.


The only way to solve the problems would be to conduct the surveys early enough next time to get ample time. Using a direct means to obtain information form respondents would also solve the problem.