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21st Century lesson Plan

Subject: English   Grade: Second Grade  
Common Core State Standards Use a combination of writing, dictating, and drawing, to write informative and explanatory texts, which state what they are studying about and give some information about the topic.With guidance and support from the teacher, investigate different use of digital tools to produce and publish writing, and work in collaboration with peers.Prove understanding of text read aloud or information given verbally or through other media by asking and answering questions about key details, and seeking clarification if something is not understood.Include drawings or other visual displays to descriptions as desired to provide additional detail.
Objectives Students will learn comperhension by recalling details.Students will correctly define 14/15 vocabulary words by writing the definition of each. Students will undertake  a long, reading, and summarizing simple stories with pictures
Teaching Procedures Collect  the text book  to use for the lesson  (If a bus could talk by Faith Ringgold) and have  a well equipped pencil case to use when students are ready to begin writing and piecing their own adventure stories together. The students will attentively listen to the story and later create their own stories electronically.  The story will allow the students to gain a personal connection by having close interactions with the character, and develop their own adventures while reading it. I will also provide envelopes for children to use as pockets. The children will draw a picture of something to place in their pocket. On the outside of the envelope, children write clues about what is inside. The rest of the class reads the clues and tries to guess the contents of the pocket.
UDL Technology Integration  This particular lesson is flexible and open to allow the students to demonstrate their knowledge and skills of the content. There are no strict guiding principles on how the students present their electronic adventures based on the story.  The assignment is organized in multiple points for choice of presentation: Free choice of resource materials,Free choice of access (text, digital, audio), Free choice of response style
Instructional Technology I will use a Smart Board for this lesson. Everyone in the classroom will benefit from the device that allows students and teachers to be more interactive in showing their creativity and ability to use technology in presenting information. The board will allow the students to give unique presentations that would ultimately keep others interested.
Formative Assessment The teachers will engage in classroom discussions as a way to observe what the students have learnt. Discussions enable every student to be involved and bounce ideas off from one another. This lesson calls for open-ended questions that will challenge the students thinking abilities. The greatest objective is to help increase the student’s critical thinking skills.   
Teacher Self-Assessment The problem that I intend to encounter in this lesson is students having difficult time in grasping the concept of developing their own adventures using technology. Although technology is widely used and advancing, I feel that many students will find it difficult to get started. The questions I would ask myself are, “How can I make them understand that their story should be different from the story we have read?” “What could I do to help my students comprehend the lesson? Is there a better way for presenting this lesson? How? “How can students creatively learn how to use the smart board in articulating their ideas to others?”
Resources If a Bus Could Talk: The Story of Rosa Parks 2003 by Faith Ringgold A smart board Drawing materials


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