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A Live Speaking Event

Are speaking skills inborn or developed during the growth process in individuals? Dale Carnegie organized a live workshop that was to take three hours. The event was meant to change participants from being nervous to more confident. The event takes place yearly and targets accomplished speakers to come and teach people how to build their confidence. The event takes place in different countries but the one concentrated on in the paper took place on 24th April 2014 in Hawaii. The audience was members with a need to boost confidence in public speaking. Some of the audiences that benefitted from the event include students, who learnt how to make better presentations in and out of class.  Business people learnt how to improve their skills on presenting their products to various organizations and the public. Politicians and various leaders in the community also benefitted by learning on how to deliver messages to the public effectively. In general, the main theme of the speaking event was to boost confidence when making presentations.

Dale Carnegie made a good impression by the introductory statement he used to begin his presentation. He posed a rhetoric question to the audience, whether they believed that speaking skills are inborn, and why do some people lack them. The statement made the audience to prepare their minds and created an anxiety in them to know the correct answer to the rhetoric question. Dale then kept quiet for some moment gazing at the audience as if he was not sure of what he would say. All of a sudden, he picked the microphone and cracked a joke, not related to the speech. The audience had no option but to break into laughter, as they could not resist the humor in the joke. This made the audience lively and they were motivated to continue listening attentively to the speaker. All through the presentation, Dale was loud enough and those seated at the back of the conference hall could get him well. He gave short notes on how to boost confidence in oneself when making a presentation. He emphasized on making use of tools, such as microphones to reduce discomfort and ensuring minimal nervousness. Making a prior visit to the venue of presentation is necessary in determining the methods to use in building confidence as the presenter gets to have a general view of the setting.

To improve future presentations, Dale could involve the audience more by asking them questions they need to respond to. This could also be done after the presentation, where the presenter would ask the audience some questions related to what has been learnt during the event. By responding to them correctly, the presenter knows that listeners concentrated and listened carefully to his or her presentation. Dale could also create some motivation in the process of the presentation to avoid the audience getting bored; the presenter would take a break by asking them to undertake a physical exercise. Most of the audience could lose their concentration during the presentation. Therefore, there is a need to bring them back to the event. The easiest way to do so could be asking them to be involved in a physical exercise that triggers some movement. For instance, Dale could start a game, demonstrate it to them, and later ask them to play.