Benefits of Undifferentiated Marketing

Benefits of Undifferentiated Marketing


There are numerous benefits of undifferentiated marketing. Undifferentiated marketing is a strategy for covering the market in which a company decides to ignore the differences of market segments and appeal to the entire market using one strategy or one offer. It occurs when a marketer ignores segment differences even when they are apparent in the market and opts for a marketing strategy whose intention is to appeal to more people. Essentially, an undifferentiated marketer views the market as a single, homogeneous aggregate. Traditionally, the focus of this marketing strategy has been on television, newspapers and radio as the media used in reaching out to more audiences. Marketers use these media to reach a larger audience in order to maximize products’ exposure.

Benefits of undifferentiated marketing

  • Cost

Naturally, undifferentiated marketing is cheaper than other forms of marketing. This is because it does not require expensive research, many working hours and changing content like it is the case for other marketing methods. Even in advertising, undifferentiated marketing is cheaper because a company can negotiate for ad space especially when engaging in saturation campaigns. It is cheaper than when a small business runs targeted marketing campaigns less frequently.

  • Reach

Undifferentiated marketing has a larger reach than other marketing methods. This is because the marketer does not have to be concerned about the person the message is exposed to and the reason. This marketing aims at expanding quantity. For instance, a company engaging in this marketing can distribute flyers to more than 100 streets randomly where there is a congregate market. This means that flyers will reach more eyes and potential customers than when flyers would be given to only ten people in a targeted area.

  • Future rewards and business recognition

Due to a larger reach of this marketing strategy, the brand becomes visible to more consumers. This enhances brand recognition. This is why small businesses which spread their marketing materials are some of the most known brands in a market. Usually, this is not good all the time because consumers can know your business as the one with most flyers. However, there is no bad publicity. Generally, brand recognition acts as a vital asset for a business and if you opt to switch to more targeted initiatives later, odds are that people will already know your business from the undifferentiated marketing campaign.

  • Less research

Putting together an undifferentiated marketing campaign requires shorter time than establishing a targeted marketing campaign. This is more advantageous when market conditions, product information and marketing methods are changing. Although small business owners using precisely targeted marketing campaigns can have to rework efforts to get word out to their specific clientele, an undifferentiated marketer is capable of adjusting almost immediately. Because the undifferentiated marketer is not concerned about who has to be reached as well as how to reach them, producing materials without targeted messages or specific details attached is easier. These materials can equally be distributed by any means possible and with ease just to get the word out there in the street.

How marketers enjoy the benefits of undifferentiated marketing

To benefit from undifferentiated marketing fully, marketers focus the available resources on single marketing campaign and a limited product line. This way, they reach a large market and they enjoy economies of scale. This leads to cost leadership. Since there are definite messages and focused efforts towards branding, the brand name or image is reinforced in the public. The major benefit that most marketers enjoy is the fact that undifferentiated marketing does not need much focus as well as research that is needed in identifying tastes of different sections of the market. With undifferentiated marketing, a business is also confident that it will reach potential consumers.

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