Assignment Writing Help on Wyndmoor retirement community for the elderly

Wyndmoor retirement community for the elderly

Structure of the Organization

Organization Chart

Wyndmoor Inc. is located in Terre Haute and provides care services to the elderly who need assistance with their daily tasks like mobility, meal preparation, dressing or bathing among other assisted services. The assisted living center does not provide housing care for the elderly with severe medical conditions that may require special care and monitoring from the medical personnel. The services offered by the facility enables the elderly to live and maintain healthy lifestyles by promoting movement and socialization among the members. The facility is located near a shopping center and has a veranda and gazebo and a movie theatre. Wyndmoor retirement community has 28 employees who serve the 52 residents who reside at the facility. The various departments at the facility include administration, maintenance, transportation, and the dining services and are defined by the chart below.

  The staff is responsible for the departments and categories allocated to them and report to their immediate supervisors who in turn are answerable to the departmental heads and the CEO/general manager. The departments are functional since each of them takes care of the responsibility and obligations allocated to the department. With a leader and staff, every department ensures that the facility objectives are met. Therefore, the structure is well formulated in terms of roles, hierarchy, and responsibility. The structure in the present form is effective but could be enhanced if counseling and human resources department were introduced in the facility to cater for the need of the senior person as well as the staff at the facility. It could also help tackle personnel issues effectively. 

Mission Statement

Promoting excellence in assisted care communities by providing education, standards, and advocacy and consumer awareness

A mission statement provides the general purpose of an organization’s existence and the strategies to achieve its vision by identifying the goals and values of the organization. The mission statement therefore gives the directions that ought to be followed. Wyndmoor retirement community’s mission statement is appropriate as it states why the assisted community was established. As the mission statement states, the facility aims at promoting excellence by providing various services including education, health standards and advocating for the welfare of the assisted  persons. The mission statement is therefore appropriate since it gives the direction of the community. The facility ensures that each employee is responsible in their departments by making sure that the mission is well written in all the departments. The employees are therefore aware of the mission statement and are eager to ensure that they meet the objectives specified in the statement in the execution of their duties. 

Vision Statement

Ensuring Indiana residents have the best choices and quality services in the assisted care communities where you can live and age with dignity.

A vision statement focuses on the future of an organization and is the source of inspiration and motivation for the organization. Wyndmoor assisted living facility’s vision is appropriate in that it explains the expected direction of the facility in future. By choosing to be the best provider of quality services in the assisted care communities, the facility provides an assurance of its expected standard. It gives an assurance to the public that the elderly at the facility are living normal and health live. The employees of the organization through their actions have proved that they know the vision of the organization and they make every effort to see to it that they practice and portray it in all their undertakings.