Assignment Writing Help on Unit 5 Case Study: Principles of Information Security

Unit 5 Case Study: Principles of information Security

Kevin Urich outlines a viable security implementation project, however, he fail to address various issues that led to the failure of his project. On his first achievement, Kevin highlights precisely the work to be accomplished in the entire implementation project.  He also assigns different individuals their respective task appropriately. Although he does not stipulate the rationale for his assignment, assigning different roles to various personnel is an essential component in project implementation. In addition, Kevin’s plan addresses important aspects of defining the start and end date of the project tasks and sub-task. Although Kevin says that details of the exact date of the projects will be sent to the department heads later, he has planned the completion date for each assigned task. For an information security proposal to be successful, the project leader ought to prepare a clear outline of the project milestones with respective completion dates. He further advises each different department to keep checking on the progress of the project.

Despite addressing three major aspects, that are, defining the work to be accomplished, identifying the assignees and assigning dates to each task, Kevin’s plan left out four other significant aspects. To start with, Kevin did not include capital and non-capital expense estimate. Each project is expected to have a financial implication for the organization. The non-capital costs should include any other requirement such as the hardware upgrade and so on. Kevin’s plan did not address such issues, a reason as to why some departments such as the accountancy felt sidelined by his presentation. In addition, Kevin did not quantify the amount of effort required in terms of hours or working day or business days. Furthermore, Kevin presentation did not cover every aspect of the project as he says that more changes would be following. He also did not stipulate dependencies of tasks and how various departments will collaborate with each other while discharging the assigned task.

There are various reasons that may have fuelled the chaos during Kevin Urich’s presentation. First, some of the members felt ambushed by the sudden assignments that they did not anticipatefor. Second, Kevin’s performance did not involve the non-technical staffs who may have felt sidelined by the entire implementation project. Finally, Kevin did not bother to explain the significance of his project or how it will benefit the organization to win the attention of the meeting attendants.

If I were in Kevin’s position, I would have done things a little different. First, I would have ensured that I am adequately ready for the presentation. The manner, in which Kevin appeared tensed when it came to his turn, shows that he was not prepared. Because of his inadequate preparation, Kevin did not bother incorporating the necessary communication, and more so, presentation skills, which saw his audience, burst into chaos.

Second, I would distribute my proposed project way ahead of the meeting to all the conference attendants. In this Kevin’s case, for example, the senior technical analyst would not have felt ambushed with responsibilities had he distributed his project prior to the meeting. Finally, I would ensure that I present a complete and organized project. Completeness of an information security plan enables the project officer to assess issues such as period and expenditure estimates.