Assignment Writing Help on Thomas Paine’s Common Sense and The American Crisis pamphlets

Thomas Paine’s Common Sense and The American Crisis pamphlets

Basic premise of the pamphlets

Thomas Paine could be perceived as a source of incitement to the Americans on the idea of revolution. His pamphlets were published in between 1774 and 1783 when the American Revolution was beginning. He was born in England but later emigrated to the colonies of Britain and America to play part in the revolution. It is through his pamphlets that the Americans and the American army got some inspiration during the war period (Parkinson 189). After the Americans invested in revolution, Thomas published Common Sense with the aim of igniting fire into Americans’ hearts. The pamphlet was based on politics and bolstered revolution sentiments, which had been formed. Americans has some tension of the war and thus the pamphlet served its purpose, which was to add more tension to the citizens and the 2.5 million troops. The pamphlet described the reasons the American colonialists would easily revolt as well as expressed some atrocities that had been forced upon by the colonialists. Troubles that many Americans went through during the war period were highlighted in the pamphlet and through using it, disdain measures as well as the hatred that gaped the American Revolution were provided. Paine, through the pamphlet aimed at striking back the English Monarchy for treating the American colonialists cruelly.

Though the initial purpose of the pamphlet was to strike the strengths of the Americans and the English Monarchy in the midst of cruelty, it played a role in igniting the war. The extreme cases of cruelty proved terrible for Americans and thus had to fight to have their voices heard. “The conditions up to the war were terrible. The American colonists had been forced into a position that offered no benefit for them. First, the Americans were forced to work hard and tediously for the English monarchy and any items made were to be sold expressly with the England. Many of them died and by 1776, 11000 Americans had died while an estimate of 24000 had been left wounded. The American colonies were not allowed to trade with anyone else and were forced to import all goods from the motherland England at extremely high prices.” The people in the United States of America became knowledgeable through the enlightenment they got from the pamphlet and were able to fight for their rights. While Thomas published Common Sense immediately the Americans took some steps to invest in the revolution, The American Crisis was published during the revolution. Something similar to these pamphlets is that they used a simple language, which every American could comprehend. They were meant for all Americans irrespective of their level of education to inspire them, as they were undergoing a difficult time under the influence of cruelty.

Through the pamphlet, the morale of American colonialists was also bolstered. The writings also sent an appealing urge to the people in England to consider the war and made some clarifications of issues concerning the war. Advocates for peace negotiations were denounced, proving that it was a time to try the souls of men. “These are the times that try men’s souls.” The pamphlet was patriotic enough and the deist beliefs of the author incited the laity claiming that the colonialists from Britain were attempting to presume authority, which the Creator ought to possess only. He claimed that, “”that God Almighty will not give up a people to military destruction, or leave them unsupportedly to perish, who have so earnestly and so repeatedly sought to avoid the calamities of war, by every decent method which wisdom could invent”” (Holsinger 167). Thomas made Americans understand that they did not lack force but they were making a mistake of applying the force improperly, which igniting a war. Therefore, he shed some light on the Americans on the conditions they were in and aroused them to stand on their ground positions effectively; fighting their foes.

Analysis of the text

Thomas Paine’s pamphlets were the main source of enlightenment to the Americans when needed freedom and peace. The English Monarchy mistreated the Americans and oppressed them in their own land. The pamphlets have been perceived to be an ignition to the war but at the same time, they helped in stabilizing the political mood in America as well as in England. Being born in England, Thomas had useful information on how to fight the English Monarchy. The power of writing is well illustrated by the pamphlets. When Thomas published them, the rest of the Americans were able to read them and get the morale to fight back the England Monarchy. The American army’s morale was also bolstered thus leading to the eruption of the war. Though they ignited some war fire in the hearts of the Americans, the pamphlets helped the people become knowledgeable thus fighting for their rights. The pamphlets in this case, are plausible because of the great impact they had on the Americans.

In one of the pamphlets, he advised the Americans that the Almighty God would not leave them in the midst of destruction from militaries after repeatedly and earnestly trying to end war by any methods invented through wisdom. I therefore, find the pamphlets sensible and appropriate because they did not aim at igniting war tension in Americans but paid more attention on making them knowledgeable and comforting them. One common thing about the pamphlets by Thomas is that, they made the Americans as well as the army understand that they had the appropriate power to fight their foes, but they were not applying it correctly. The weighty messages in the pamphlets moves a reader due to the strong ideas attached to them, aimed at strengthening the Americans. Despite that many people has lost their lives while others had remained seriously injured, Thomas still encourages the Americans not to embrace inferiority from the England Monarchy. Through writing, Americans get motivated to fight for their rights, which leads to the revolution war, leading to a stabilized political mood after the English Monarchy faces fights from them. Inferiority ends and all people are treated equally.

The main issues that the texts raise are politics and power. The British and American colonies fight against each other for power. The English Monarch attempted to oppress the Americans to have power over them. The American colonialists had been forced into a condition, which nothing was beneficial to them. The main aim of subjecting them to such a condition was to make them powerless, which would make the English Monarchy to be politically stronger than the Americans. For instance, the Americans were not allowed to trade in other countries, which would make the country decline in economic stability. With the publication of the pamphlets, Americans were able to understand their potential to fight the England Monarchy (Commager 124). The pamphlets were successful because they served the purpose, which the writer published them for. Thomas aimed at making all the Americans understand that they had quite some potential, which they could apply to fight their foes. Through the simple language that Thomas used in writing the pamphlets, all Americans who read them were able to understand the message in them.

The pamphlets were meant for all American irrespective of their literacy levels thus, using a language that was understandable by all greatly contributed to the success of the texts. The pamphlets are American in origin, as the writer was also an American, who was born in England. Being born in England, Thomas understood the England Monarchy better than the rest of the Americans. He therefore took an initiative to enlighten his people on how they would fight to end the inferiority and oppression they faced from the foes. The two texts discussed are part of the many pamphlets that Thomas Paine has written. Specifically, Common Sense and The American Crisis are part of the many adventurous texts that Thomas Paine wrote before and during the American Revolution. Many of the texts aimed at informing and educating the Americans concerning the era in which the country was. Though they are part of fiction, they reflect factual literature writing. They are well narrated from the imagination of Thomas Paine, though with them, they carry factual arguments, which bear success outcome after the Americans apply them.

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