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The Market

            As the most successful producer of acoustic guitars in America today, Martin Company has had sustained operations over the years and survived major economic shifts for close to 2 centuries. Since the beginning of the 20th century, there have been major catastrophes affecting the economy and resulting in the death of most companies, otherwise thought stable. Such conditions include the great depression early in the 1930s, after the First World War, and later the Second World War, among other strains in the market. The Martin Company remains competitive and retains its position as a world leader in producing quality products appreciated internationally.


            Martin boasts of its contribution to the century-old evolution of the current design of an acoustic guitar. At the close of the 19th century, the Martin guitar, as well other guitars, was small in size and a favorite for young women. Today, it is much bigger and used in high profile concerts by talented and professional musicians. Martin geared the changes to fit and satisfy customer needs, and with a continuous desire for a higher volume, the company led others in creating a larger resonator, in the process improving the quality of the sound too.

            Fredrick Martin (the founder) introduced the famous x-bracing pattern early in his career. Having spent time learning in a shop in eastern Germany, he used his skills in creating the bracings system to provide enhancement for the entire soundboard and replace any support material at the top. This design that helped in ensuring a plain look at the top was copied by other companies, and today, it is a standard feature on every acoustic guitar.


            When Frederick Martin relocated to the United States from Germany, guitars were diminished and disregarded; no one seemed to concentrate in its large scale production or usage in music production. This situation did not discourage young Martin to surrender; once he relocated to his new home in New York City, he set up a music shop in a fellow Germans-filled neighborhood. Since then (for close to two centuries today), the company has gained respect for its quality products; many world-popular musicians have owned and held Martin acoustic guitars.

The Product

            With the x-bracing design under its reputation, the Martin guitar boasts of one of the best designs loved for its size and quality; the popular 14-fret neck design was the first in the market in 1930. Following advice from a renowned player, Martin developed the first longest acoustic guitar-neck to suit the desire of players to reach higher notes. Again, this design was copied by other guitar companies; the idea was borrowed into other models.

            The original Martin Dreadnought became the most popular of all the designs. With time, other models from both Martins Company and other industries copied this design. It won gold awards several times as the best acoustic instrument available.

Recent Developments

            Martin has embraced latest technologies and incorporated digital devices onto the guitars. Such include the latest pickups or a preamplifier, and with these adjustments, the acoustic guitar is easily adjustable as one can plug it in a studio or home system.


            Word of mouth among musicians has proven to be the most effective method of promotion of Martin guitars over time. Although the company ensures international advertisements, its quality speaks louder to attract more customers and spread the company’s fame. Moreover, the company factory is free for visitors throughout the year.

Brand Values

            In seeking to ensure the best standards and excellence, the Martin staff is dedicated in maintaining quality in tone and playability. Maintaining the company’s core values keeps the staff focused on the right material, rather than getting carried away with trends. Although the Martin guitars are quite costly, they are worth the prices.