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Teaching Professional

Teachers had considered a number of factors before they quitted their profession (Mangan, 2011). First, they put into consideration the benefits they received from their careers such as medical cover insurance and other benefits alike free houses. They were also protected by tenure policies that assured them of their job. Remuneration was also considered when they contemplated quitting their jobs. Those satisfied with the compensation continued working as teachers while those unsatisfied with their salaries considered leaving their profession for other better-paying jobs. In addition, teachers took into account their passion in teaching career before deciding to move to other occupations. Those with high passion in teacher chose to remain teachers in their lifetime as those with little or no passion left for other occupations. Therefore, it was crucial for teachers to consider the above factors when assessing viability of their business.

Teachers planned well for their retirement. On retirement, most of them owned residential homes such that they no longer stayed in rental apartments. They also ensured that they had considerable savings to facilitate their retirement projects. Apart from savings, some initiated business enterprises to earn them a living. This was facilitated with the savings they had made hence could commence income generating projects that saw them do well economically. Retirement was enjoyable especially when one prepared well for it (Mangan, 2011).

Mangan (2011) noted that dismissal policies governing serving teachers were active. This provided for circumstances under which a teacher’s service could be terminated. This included immoral conduct, incompetence, and neglect of duty and conviction of crimes among others. On the other hand, these policies protected teachers in their service from being unfairly dismissed. It was noted that these policies also encouraged teachers to remain diligent in their service. Teachers were aware of circumstances that could render their services terminated; therefore, such policies ensured that they were observing their work ethics. Therefore, these systems were effective.


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