Assignment Writing Help on Spin Doctors Campaign

Spin Doctors Campaign

The campaign by Spin-doctors that was held for three-day to create awareness and commemorate some of the heroes who contributed to the fight for the sickle cell anemia was a good move. This is because of the facts that the venue of the campaign was significant in the sense that it reflected on some of the founding members of the group. Sickle cell anemia is a disease like any other and should not be attributed to a particular group such as the black Americans. This led to mistreatment and lack of necessary medical attention in hospitals. Government should have improvised measurers to cater for the research programs for the disease. Medical practitioners who aptly understood the nature and effects of the disease formed an organization to campaign for the inclusion of the disease in the public budget of the federal government, which was known as people’s sickle cell anemia research foundation.

 They were able to push President Nixon government through their publications to incorporate this pandemic into the health policy of the country. Government is responsible for the severity of effects brought about by the disease this is simply because of its ignorant about the disease. I therefore agree with some of the scientist and anthropologist who argued in line of racial discrimination. This is where the disease was ignored because it was not eminent on the whites because if it were the case government would have applied preventative or curative measures to contain the menace of the disease. During the campaign launched by the foundation in the year 1972, many children and adults from the black community living in America were tested for sickles anemia. I support this initiative in the sense that it gathered support for the campaign launched. The statistic was disheartening considering the amount of budget set aside for the disease for research and development activities. Disparities were evidence in the way other diseases were awarded a higher budget despite having small magnitude in terms of severity. This government and interested parties should reconsider their stand about the disease hence proposing the writers idea.