Assignment Writing Help on Russell Davies

Russell Davies

  1. Was Russell Davies entrapped while chatting with someone he believed to be a fourteen-year-old girl?

Yes, this was after Russell was tricked by the detective into engaging in Internet chat that saw him charged with offense of tempting an underage forsexual abuse after the chat turned into sexuality with the fictitious minor.

As evidenced in the case file, Phoenix detective posing as a fourteen year-old girl, entrapped Russell Davies in an Internet chat. The detective urged and induced Russell into committing the offense even though Russell was not predisposed; he is deceived to believe that he was chatting with a minor only to turn out it was a detective masquerading as a minor. Russell was arrested while he went to pick the false girl in apartment parking lot.

  • What law did Russell Davies break?

Russell Davies violated the crime against Luring a Minor for Sexual Exploitation. Arizona Revised Statues section (A.R.S.) section 13-3554, defines a crime of luring a Minor for Sexual Exploitation as a seriousanddangerous crime against children.

The act stipulates that a person can commit luring by‘offering’ or imploring sexual act with another individual while aware or able to identify that the person is a minor. It further adds, that the defendant cannot claim as a defense that the other person was a peace officer posing as a minor.

  • What laws under ‘Title 18 of the United States Codes’ could be used against Russell Davies?

Title 18 of the United States Code,’ section, 2251 deals with the sexual exploitation of children, thus under the provision of the section of the law above Russell Davies could have been pressed with sexual exploitation of children charges.