Assignment Writing Help on Rebuttal of Rating

Rebuttal of Rating

While I do appreciate the rating given with regards to several aspects of my professional capabilities, I would like to bring to your attention my depiction in the negative light. I still do not understand the reason behind this negative portrayal. Given that the rating provides a forum for evaluating teacher performance and subsequently taking action on the observed professional tendencies, I believe that Ms Aimee has personal reasons for lowering my rating, thus influencing the administration’s views about my capabilities. This belief is based on the premise that she has presented me as incapable of carrying out my duties effectively, even though she had no reasonable proof to the same.

For instance, while I am aware that I have been absent and/ or late on some occasions, the number of occasions that such have occurred is actually lower than that depicted in the rating. I believe the number of times I have been late do not warrant being reported as being below standard on timely reporting. I however do not understand why or how the number of days I have been late came to what is given in the report.

Secondly, I feel it is only fair that when one assigns responsibilities, the assignments should be accompanied with relevant instructions to avoid ambiguity and misinterpretation. For example, when I was given the IEP, I was not informed that it was not supposed to be closed and that it was incomplete. From a professional point of view, I understand that an individual who occupies the position of Ms Aimee, and has worked in that position for sometime should know that IEPs are issued after completion and with only closure remaining. My submission of incomplete IEPs was only based on the assumption that they were already complete, and thus warranted closure.

Furthermore, the rating comments indicate there were LOIs entered into wrong student records. While I know who LG is, I have no idea who TC is as this identity does not appear in any of my student records. It is therefore impossible that I could have entered data into an inexistent record. In addition to this, Ms Aimee is well aware that the case handbook which is said to be incomplete untill now is in its current status due to her fault. I completed the handbook and submitted it to her for the final review. She was to give the feedback after some time, a duty which has not been accomplished to date. I understand that she may be busy, but it is only fair that each person accomplishes her part of the task for the achievement of overall objectives, seeing that individual roles contribute to the corporate goals.

Concerning the case management meetings, I understand it is my responsibility to schedule them and to communicate to all team members in time. However, I have made it clear before that while it is essential that we hold weekly meetings, this is difficult to accomplish due to the varied schedules that parents have. For instance, it is unfair to hold a meeting when a number of parents who desire to be present request that it be rescheduled due to difficulties in adapting their personal schedules to the meeting times.

Ms Aimee also commented that I have failed to attend a number of IEP and reevaluation meetings. This is due to various meetings I had with team mates, assisting them in various capacities at times. I however communicated this early enough.

Considering the report of Ms Aimee, I believe she was mistaken with regards to my ability to adapt to various situations as well as to carryout management functions. I therefore request for an independent review into my rating that will clearly indicate my abilities.