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Preliminary Business Report


            There have been various challenges faced by the Cullen Creative Cooking Pty Ltd. The challenges have caused the business to adapt business process management approaches. This paper gives solution to the prevailing problems through the preliminary business report. The paper contains the BPM and strategies, benefits, problem analysis, daily management, proposed solution, strategy, main aspects and solution consideration.

Business process management and Strategy

Strategy is the activity that an organization assumes in order to reach its goals. Business process management is one of the major strategies taken by an organization in order to reduce costs and increase the quality of products and services. In this case, business process management will facilitate improved customer satisfaction by introducing better and quicker services. Business process management will help the top management to make tough strategic choices (Noh, Kim & Jang, 2014). Business process management will also facilitate better engagement of the whole organization in implementation of the goals (Martin, 1995).

Benefits of BPM

            By incorporating business process management, greater accountability will be realized within the departments (Benner & Tushman, 2003). The organization can therefore ensure that its deliverables are met as it can it can track and monitor expenses all through. Hence, potential fraud and loss can be reduced (Janecek & Jareevongpiboon, 2013). There can be improvement in the reliability of information at the set time. Wastes can be avoided. The employees can have a safe working condition as company’s resources and information are protected (Foss & Lyngsie, 2013).

            A value chain is a series of activities that an organization performs to produce quality products and services in the market. As part of the competitive strategies models, this concept when incorporated with BPM helps the organization to attain its goal in market competition (Martin, 1995).

Problem analysis

            There are a number of problems within the company. Sales have decreased in the recent past. There was no proper mode of advertising. Word of mouth is slow and outdated. Jack is old and is yet to understand the modern ways. Since there has been no competition the business has enjoyed monopoly. There is also need of a solid marketing strategy. There is no streamlined and computer based business practices within the business. Paper based manual methods have been used all along. This method has been incorporated in the production, purchase, management of the financial accounts and customer satisfaction areas. In addition to this, the business lacks retail store front.

            Challenge is the absence of proper mode of advertising. There is need for Jack to quickly invest in modern technology like computers. This will make light the burden of manual methods. As the business has had no serious competition, it has not embraced modern ways of marketing.

Proposed solution

            The business needs to invest in modern technology such as the computers. This will facilitate better and improved ways of handling the customers. Jack also needs to invest in good market strategies. This includes the use of other forms of advertisement such as televisions and newspapers. B building a modern market retail front, he shall manage to reduce amount of time taken to meet the needs of customers and hence customer satisfaction. There is need of staff training. Through this, the staff will learn to embrace modern methods of market strategies.

Another alternative is for Jack to employ young people within the business. This is because the young people have embraced technology. This will help him, as they will come in with new ideas, which will further propel the business to greater heights.

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