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Philosophical Argument

People desire to be allowed to do what they want as long as they do not harm anyone. However, I do not think they should be allowed. First, people originate from different and diverse backgrounds. Thus, they are brought up under differing values, principles, and ethics. It can therefore be confusing leading to conflict of interests as people strive to understand and uphold diversity. As a result, they are likely to cause harm either intentionally or unintentionally. People who believe and assume their opponent’s interests, desires, wants, values, and ethics can cause intentional harm, and principles with regards to life are misconstrued. As a result, they are likely to do what they want without necessarily avoiding either harming or hurting anyone.

Conversely, unintentionally causing harm or hurt occurs due to misunderstandings. Individuals may fail to understand how their actions hurt or harm their opponent. As a result, it is crucial to understand, respect, and uphold their diverse interests in order to avoid conflicts. This should involve persons limiting their actions and words. To avoid unintentionally hurting or harming anyone, it is advisable to seek and understand their opinion. Although adults believe they are entitled to their opinion, they can cause unnecessary physical, mental, and psychological pain or damage.

Thus, human beings should form an opinion. They should ensure the opinions are neither based on assumptions nor ignorant. This involves learning other people’s cultures, values, and principles guiding their way of life. A person can be cautious in deeds and words. Ultimately, people can learn to be accommodative with regards to diversity. As a result, they can respect and love each other, enhancing cohesion and reducing actions and spoken words likely to hurt or harm an individual either intentionally or unintentionally.