Health Care Essay Sample on Patients Charting the Course: Citizen Engagement and the Learning Health System

Module 5 Discussion 3010

Arguably, I agree that, government morals are measured through its interaction and services to the needy as insinuated by Mr. Humphrey. This is because of the fact that governments are the custodians of the people’s resources. Any government that is in a position to adequately meet the health care needs of its people makes progress in other areas of the economy due to the improved health status of its population. This means that the political class is conscious about the health matters of its subjects. The health system forms part of the delicate system that needs to be conducted with proper care in the sense that a population wealth is defined by how well the society is rated in term of community health services (Olsen, Saunders, and McGinnis 26).

The government due to its huge capital investment can only meet the level of competency and investment needed in the field of health care. Training and development for clinical personnel demands for huge investment by the concerned authorities. Technology advancement in the health sector is extremely expensive in the sense that the acquisition of therapeutic machines and usage is prone to technological changes. It insinuates that the government needs to engage in a leasing partnership ordeal instead of making a purchasing because of the fact that they become obsolete within a short period.

My experience in heath care was characterized by failure of therapeutic machines that were rendered inefficient.  Technology used was obsolete hence experienced numerous breakdowns. I was diagnosed with cancer where the treatment expensive to administer. It was triggered by the low investment done by the government in the field of medicine and heath care in general. Therefore, moral standing of any government is determined by how well it caters for the venerable groups in the society.

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