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To:      Human Resource Manager

From:   Concerned Employee

Date:   28th March 2015


I wish to take this opportunity to say thank you to the human resource department for the support they have given to the employees so far. The employees are happy with the recent changes in the department that have led to improved working environment. Employees are also very happy with the decision of the department to eventually increase their house and medical allowances. It is truly an honor to work in this company. During the last staff meeting, you advice all the employees to be open and always communicate with the office on any issue that affect the well-being of the employees. As the human resource manager, you said your office will always be ready to listen to anything that touches on critical issues affecting employees and that necessary measures would be taken to provide a solution.

The reason for this memo is to bring you attention an issue that happened during the recruitment and employment of the new assistant human resource manager. It is my belief that the company would lose its integrity if ethics is not observed in such processes. As much as we agree that the employer is not under any obligation to promote any of his employees, it is very unethical when employer does not give employees equal opportunities to compete for any vacant position in the organization. The recruitment exercise, which attracted the interest of many individuals, including our supervisor was failed short of upholding ethical conduct as stipulated in the organization’s regulations.

The committee that undertook the operation failed to give the current supervisor a fair chance to compete for the post. The reason that has been given because of the supervisor’s party aptitude. I believe that an organization is only concerned and pays for what an employee does during the stipulated time for work, which is from 9am up to 5pm.if the committee decided to check on other things a part from the qualifications and the experience, then why settle on party aptitude? I strongly believe that whatever colleagues decide to do after work, as long as it does not affect their performance at work should not be used against them in promotion.

The supervisor’s ability to organize other colleagues for after work parties and discussions should be a real qualification on its own. It is not fair to say that because the supervisor gets along with others during such after-work meeting, then he will not be an effective assistant human resource manager. Big organizations like the deloitte encourage socialization among employees, because they know that it is during such times that new ideas can be generated.

 If recruitment decides to factor in the idea of parties, then managing that aspect of qualification would be hard for them to evaluate. After works meeting gives workmates chance to catch up on the day’s activity and even help each other with challenging projects. In view of the above, the committee was very dishonest by social aptitude of the supervisor to deny him the change, even though he is evidently more qualified for the position than the appointed officer is.

Employees cannot be forced to party or not to party. If they made to go forcefully then others would just accompany others to go and drink. This group will not enjoy the event and would even spoil it for others. The same applies to when manager forces people not to party, this would only make employees feel coerced into a habit that they are not used. This would lead to reduced motivation in the workplace. When a chance for a promotion arises, the responsible committee should look at three major considerations before it decides to promote or not to promote anyone

The first consideration that must be looked into by any worthy committee is the person’s performance in their current position. The performance evaluation may be based on the contributions that the person has made in his team or any other achievements related to work. The considerations to make under this point  would not only look at the person who has given best report, created more sales leads or even won most of the tenders for the company. It would include personality contributions and even the socialization aspect of the person; how does he relate with other colleagues, both his seniors and juniors.

Another factor to consider should be duration a person has worked with the company. A seniority system means that the longest-serving staffs are given priorities when it comes to promotions. This is usually the fairest system because employees would not be promoted based on how they relate to the promoting body; one does not have to bootlick the seniors so that they can be promoted, but are promoted depending on their qualification and other factors. In the production line like ours, seniority system is the most favorable and experience should be given more priority than skills and even educational level. Other seniority systems do not give much importance to duration of stay but at least still use the system as one of the factors that affect promotion. Their main reason for a weaker seniority system is to encourage loyalty among the employees.

The last factor that should also be considered is what a person hopes to achieve in the near future. The committee should evaluate individuals on what they are able to contribute to the company in future. Sometimes companies are forced to have some of their staff members working below their qualifications or abilities, but when chance arises for promotion, such employees should be allowed to take positions that are more senior. The supervisor is qualified for senior posts and yet he still humbles himself and work very diligently in his current position. For one to play a leadership role, he or she should have the clear knowledge on the operations of the company.

 The person must also understand how different levels work from the lowest to the highest level. The person should also have spent time on all departments that would be under him or her; only in this way would he be able to lead the departments under him effectively. In normal scenarios, it is not easy to find someone who meets these entire requirements. The recruiting committee therefore settles on a candidate that show signs that they would stand out on something profitable to the company in future

From all the three considerations listed above, if the committee considered even just one point out of the three then we would be having a different assistant human resource manager. I think the exercise was so unethical and I request you to look into this matter so that in future, such situations never arise again. For clarification or more information about this content, you can reach me through my phone number of xxxxxx.

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