Assignment Writing Help on Marketing Programs to Build Brand Equity

Marketing Programs to Build Brand Equity

Effectiveness of mixed matched promotional elements in achieving communication objective.

Red bull uses suitable mix communication messages to get to the intended target customers in the market. The targeted clients for Red bull are mostly the individuals whose daily effort is to have active lifestyles and take part in extremely dangerous activities.  The marketing communication messages therefore seek to express the idea that their product gives the needed advantage and energy for people. The tools in Red Bull marketing communication are properly matched with each other and incorporated. Company’s management purpose is to correlate the product with high standards like enabling its users to extremely be full of life, taking pleasure in life and being able to carry our actions with an enhanced level of effectiveness in whatsoever a person is occupied with. Red bull passed on marketing information using a range of channels intended to draw attention to all its strategic marketing ideas and with no contradiction between them. Like the catch phrase, citing when one takes Red bull you acquire wings is a significant marketing tool and it is highlighted further in the company’s sponsored racing events projects.

Objective of using young, active, extreme sports market

Intensive sporting activities, not forgetting the other tough activities are popular among their targeted class of clients. The same catch phrase saying by consuming Red bull one gets wings is used to attract the same particular clients by use of this message, which indicates, drinking Red bull lessens tough tasks. These tools of communication have been useful in attracting a lot of attention and creating brand awareness. The brand has been able to break through the marketplace clutter and helped communicate its key benefits. The use of human aspect of brand characters has created an attractive perception of being likable and enjoyable. The consumer can easily form a relationship with the brand when it has a human or other character presence.

How negative publicity affects company image with the proper efforts to reduce the impact.

It is the responsibility of the public relations to ensure proper relationships are established with other organizations and various groups. In cases of negative publicity even those uncontrollable; the company will incur huge losses in terms of loss of revenue, loss of customers’ trust, legal battles among others that will hinder the company continued growth. Red bull can explore a number of alternatives to ensure continued positive public relations. The company can initiate dialogue with the affected parties, compensate the injured party, conduct different discussions, seeking positive influence of certain groups including being part of other community relations. They can also initiate regular publications and annual reports that highlight the emerging issues of the company.

Strengths and benefits of different media used for advertising and use of lifestyle marketing

 Valuable means of advertising adopted by Red bull is its own brand online Television channel and magazine. The channel mainly broadcasts sponsored sporting events and other programs whose main aim is to draw the target consumers segment of the company. The monthly magazines known as Red Bulletin, carries features and articles that highlight the product characteristics to its target customers. Apart from conservative marketing tools and methods, Red Bull also carries out a variety of extra advertising means that comprise product positioning and viral promotion. Like, advertising in movies where on several occasions the good personalities are used and shown taking the drink. In addition, Red Bull makes use of games such as Worms 3D where the Red Bull catchphrase  by taking Red Bull wings are obtained is applied.  Marketing communication mix has also been epitomized by Red Bull to help sell the brand not just as a product but a way of life too by establishing a culturally relevant selling style. These modes of advertising have created a brand personality through characters, which identify with the consumers more effectively.

Impact of product pricing and product elements on the brand image, including the relationship between program elements

The Red bull packaging is in a 250 ml silver and blue can that has Red bull Logo bearing the words “Energy Drink”, there are also bulls colliding with one another showing the drink gives vigor and energy, these help in showing its uniqueness. There is a unique association created between the logo and loyal customers, this plays a major role in preserving brand equity. People tend to focus on packaging, logos, and other symbols used to give hidden meaning. It has other attributes that makes it more attractive than other beverage drinks available in the market. These are the several distinguishing characteristics and benefits including a combination of caffeine for energy; taurine for energy among other benefits. Unlike the other drinks like coffee or soda, which may only provide energy and others, provide only detoxification and metabolism, Red bull provides all these benefits in one drink. It then turns to be a unique brand, strong and most favorable for the consumers. This is due to all benefits including enhanced physical strength and better overall feeling of well being. The product is exceedingly priced not like other beverages. This is also an additional attribute of brand equity. Red Bull is extra pricey than a cup of coffee or a bottle of soda, therefore for consumers in search of more benefits, the price will not make sense to them. There can be confusion and wonder from the consumers if they are to pay less or equal price for Red bull as they are paying for other products. Additional costing of the product automatically creates a feeling of superiority amongst the customers and giving the product an edge compared to the others in the market. The customers will have faith in the superiority and values derived from the brand and opt to go for it.