Assignment Writing Help on Lessons from my Internship at Wyndmoor Retirement Community

Lessons from my Internship at Wyndmoor Retirement Community

            Having not visited another senior home before, I was more than eager to discover what goes on in such facilities. It was a learning experience that I have valued, and which has had a positive impact in my life; I will never forget seeing elderly persons staying together and socializing with others. I was able to observe the staff coordinating with the elderly, showing them what to do, and involving them in sports activities as well as community work. In general, I was able to know the workings of the facility, and in particular, the coordination that existed between the various departments in terms of communication and role play.

Among the many lessons that I learned included the understanding of the command chain. The person responsible for the dining services could liaise with the transportation manager, and inform her of any purchase requirements in the market. He also informed the administration department of the needed requirements to cater for the upkeep of the persons in the Community. Upon admission of an elderly person to the facility, several processes were followed, including visiting the finance department and paying the necessary dues. The health personnel who visited the place twice weekly had to report to the administration manager for briefing and direction. I was assigned to the administration department, where I was able to learn about the entire system and the operations of various departments. This prompted me to suggest the introduction of the human resources department to cater for the personal needs of the community, as well as liaise with the outside community. I now have a hands-on experience in assisted living health care administration and can use the approach together with the experience from learning to tackle other life challenges.