Assignment Writing Help on Happy ending by Margaret Atwood

Happy ending by Margaret Atwood

Choice of Couple: Romeo and Juliet

Reason: I chose this couple because of the twisted and interesting ending which they had in the story, the popularity of the production and its author in the literary world, and the story’s literary significance worldwide.

The love story of Romeo and Juliet is one that undoubtedly catches the attention of anyone who comes across it. It is based on a background of two rival families: the Montague household and the Capulets. The families live in a town known as Verona, which is the setting of the story. The town is ruled by a prince known as Escalus (Sparknotes). Romeo, of the Montague household, falls for Juliet Capulet in love. This happens when Romeo meets Juliet for the first time in a ball. They fall in love instantly, even stealing a kiss from each other. They professed their love for each other and pledged to get married. This was unexpected because of the feud that prevailed between their families. For this, and for the fact that Juliet was only 13 years old, the two get married secretly (Shmoop).

However, when Romeo murders Juliet’s cousin, he is banished from the town of Verona, and he has to leave for another town. This meant that they would never see each other again. In the meantime, Juliet’s father arranges to marry him off to a prince called Paris, whom she has no feelings for. Juliet and Romeo’s friend craft a plan that would make her pretend to be dead and get buried, and then Romeo would go for her. However, due to miscommunication, Romeo is told that Juliet is really dead, and he commits suicide beside her “grave”. Juliet wakes up to discover the dead Romeo; she is overwhelmed and stabs herself.

The two rival families find out the truth about the two lovers and the cause of their death. They learn that Romeo and Juliet loved each other so much that they would not want to live without each other. The families put their differences aside and live with each other in peace for the first time. So, the romantic affair between the two ends in tragedy- they both die tragically – but it also leads to peace among their families. The story has a twisted end, in my view (Absolute Shakespeare).

Margaret shares in her stories of different couples, and her conclusion is that the end is the same in every story. In her stories, one couple has a live-happily-ever-after kind of life and experience. They are happy and fulfilled with their lives. In another instance, Mary loves John, but he does not reciprocate her love. Ultimately, he marries some other lady, and Mary cannot take it. She overdoses herself with sleeping pills and dies. John goes on with his life as if Mary never existed. John, who is married to Madge, falls in love and has an affair with Mary. Out of jealousy, he kills Mary, the boyfriend, and himself. The stories go on and on (Happy Ending). But one thing is sure, according to Margaret; that the end is death and that we should not be swayed by any other kind of ending. We prove this in the Romeo and Juliet story; in as much as they adored each other, they died and never enjoyed their relationship.

The definition of a good ending in 2015 is an ending that promotes peace among individuals and countries. This year started at a very poor note, with events such as the terror attack in Paris where people lost their lives and others got injured. Then, there was the crush of the Air Asia plane, where about 200 other people died. Talk of the floods, war in Israel, and many others. Is there a possibility of a good ending in 2015? Hopefully there is. From the story of Romeo and Juliet, we learn that love should be our anchor. Hatred and disunity among communities, races, genders, and nations should come to an end. This is because love is more fruitful than hate. It is with this in mind that leaders need to hold meetings to find ways of improving the livelihoods of people in their countries.

We all strive for happy endings in life. We go about making and accumulating wealth. Our relationships with each other are not strong enough as we make little or no investments in them. We are more individualistic today than we were ever before. This is all towards the effort of creating a better ending for our lives. I trust that Margaret is trying to communicate to us an important point: that our efforts are worthless, and that we should make the best of every opportunity. In as much as Romeo and Juliet did not live together, they maximized every opportunity they had. If they had not got married secretly, they would never have been married. However, Romeo’s aggressive nature should not be encouraged among societies today. Today, people do not take law in their hands; instead they notify the law enforcers to intervene in their disputes.

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