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Futurist Magazine

Every human being lives with hope that tomorrow they shall be and shall do. There is no guarantee that life shall still be with them, but it is the hope that keeps them going. There are publications that try to give the face of tomorrow. One such piece of literature is the Futurist Magazine. The paper will air the lessons learnt from the Futurist Magazine previously read.

People have misused the internet services by way of involving themselves in vices that threaten the lives of others. Since the current data sensors do not indicate one’s location and their ongoing activities, it is possible to threaten your next door neighbor and reap them off their hard earned earnings. I have learnt that with the improved technology, I will be safer as an individual and the criminal activities will go down drastically.

It is evident that birth rates have fallen. Therefore, in the near future, the economy will take a new form where the population shrinks thus creating less pressure on the government. There will be an improvement of livelihoods. As an individual, I have learnt to soldier on despite the current hardships. Great moments lay ahead. All shall be well if only I keep the hope alive.

The status of the population will improve in terms of health with a decrease in the reported cases of brain diseases. Since head scans will determine the future likelihood of the disorder, the doctors can start administering treatments long before the symptoms show up. Personally, I will be making regular checks to the doctor just to be certain my health is intact. Prevention is always better than cure.

I will not invest in the business of housing, automobiles, music and books. The highest probability is that there will be no market as people nowadays adopt the pay-per-use arrangements.