Assignment Writing Help on Events that Have Occurred in Bacon’s Rebellion

The following events have occurred in Bacon’s Rebellion

First, it is an increased shortage of available land, second, the colonial government complicated relationship with both friendly and hostile tribes of Native Americans, the occurrence of the strained relationship between colony’s wealth planters against indentured servants, forceful occupation of Indians’ land by indentured servants, and formation of alliances.

Third, the arrival of Nathaniel Bacon in Virginia, Governor Berkeley accepts Bacon with a seat on his council, and a series of deadly attacks occur. Fourth, Nathaniel demands clearance of Indians from the remote areas of the colony. Fifth, the capital of Jamestown gets destroyed to the ground and Bacon dies of dysentery. Finally, a thousand troops from England have restored order through expansionist military and codification of chattel slavery in Virginia.

Parties involved in the rebellion includes; Indians, Native American, and Englishmen. Berkeley defends the Indians because he has adopted a plan that isolates the Native Americans while bringing India allies on Virginia’s side.
Edmund Morgan links the rebellion to American freedom through the following illustration;

Resistance comes as a result of oppression, exploitation, and racism. Leaders of the America Revolution develop and maintain a system of labor that denied human dignity and liberty every hour of the day. They also develop the dedication to human freedom and dignity.

Racisms encourage England to pride itself on freedom, greater opportunities, and greater control over their lives, deprive one-fifth of the total population their freedom, all opportunities, and all control over their lives. Slavery fit into rebellion to American freedom due to the presence of a growing mass of alien slaves, draws the white settlers together, and reduces the importance of class difference in society.