Assignment Writing Help on Effects of Sports

Effects of Sports

As part of healthy living, sports, and other physical activities are essential for the body normal functioning, individual learning experiences and leadership accountability. Maintaining physical fitness enhances an individual’s a functional capability, quality life, and independence.

Pressure and stress reduction

Sports involving physical activities cause the brain to release a certain chemical neurotransmitter (endorphins) which is responsible for creating a euphoric feeling and thereby reducing an individual’s stress level. Notably, focusing one’s mind on games and sports reduces anxieties and worries that may otherwise depress the brain. Similarly, a person’s body temperature rises when one plays a game thus exerting a calming effect on the body.

Self-esteem and motivation boost

Involvement in team sports instills a sense of belonging, appreciation and satisfaction. When one’s role in the team is accepted and appreciated, it motivates them to work harder. Spending time with team members on the training field is itself self-satisfying and raises individual self-confidence and motivation levels.

Enhances teamwork

An organized team sport with an explicitly stated common goal requires team members to cooperate jointly. In the process, social and leadership skills are developed, and the value of teamwork installed among team members. Arguably, a person deeply involved in sports relates better with peers and workmates and is more resilient in task performances.

Promotes healthy living

Sports involving vigorous physical exercise improve an individual general fitness level and weight loss in an overweight fellow among others. Physical sports prevent many non-commutable diseases thereby reducing treatment costs. Similarly, team members are encouraged to refrain from such activities that are considered anti-social by the society such as drugs.

Increases academic performance

Unlike popular beliefs and misconceptions that sports distracts academic concentration, indulgence in sports and games boosts intelligent level of the participant. For instance, some games require one to memorize and continually repeat the learning experiences. Notably, such skills are directly relevant to academic work, and if transferred to the classroom settings, the individual is bound to perform.