Assignment Writing Help on Effects of Global Warming

Effects of Global Warming

Did you know that 2009 has so far been that the warmest year of the millennium?  What about the National Aeronauticand Space Administration (NASA) projection that the global temperatures are expected be rising at an average of 0.20C per decade? Well, the unusual increase in global temperatures is attributed to global warming which can be well-defined as the speedy rise in the temperature of the earth’s atmosphere mostly due to greenhouse effect. Greenhouse effect is highly attributed to greenhouse gases which include carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, water vapor and Ozone. The incoming solar energy is later absorbed by land, oceans and the atmosphere andis thereafter radiated back to the atmosphere inform of thermal infrared radiation. The energy that is released into the environment is absorbed by greenhouse gases.The greenhouse gas particles, after absorbing heat from the surface of the earth, continuously release the heat back to the atmosphere. Consequently, the lower atmosphere and the earth’s surface gets heated upnot only by the radiations from the greenhouse molecules but also by direct sunlight. This heating causes the rapid and unusual rise in the global temperatures. The increase in volume of the greenhouse gases iswhat accelerates the rate of global warming. Where do these gases emanate from?Greenhouse gases have a variety of sources, mostly human activities. This includes combustion of fossil fuels, burning and depletion of vegetation, decomposition of   waste  and emission of gases from the industries. These human activities increase the greenhouse effect and the rate of global warming.  It is no wonder therefore that global warming is already having significant effects on the environment.