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Case 54 weekend racist

Miguel’s Agency has done everything right in terms of personnel selection, management effectiveness and leadership style. First, organization’s employees are competent as seen in the case of Lisa, Angie and Carl. When Lisa comes to know Carl’s outdoor activities, she is surprised and forwards the matter to Angie, because she was against racism. Angie also comes out as competent personnel as she reacts to the issue at hand immediately. Conversely, Carl, despite his racist activities, his performance appraisals within the organization have been superior. Besides, management effectiveness in Miguel’s agency is seen as Angie, in her superior position tries to solve the issue raised by Lisa as she is against any ill motives or behaviours of employees within the agency. This shows her management effectiveness. It is also worth noting that the leadership style is fantastic as there is effective communication. Before acting, Angie had to come into an agreement before knowing the appropriate recommendation. This showed the level of leadership within the organization (Case 54 weekend racist).

Notably, the volatile situation in the agency was caused by Carl’s outdoor activities that suggested that he was racist. Racism is one of the biggest challenges in the world and hence there are several efforts to eradicate the practice. Lisa being an African American felt that she might have been Carl’s targets hence she sent an email of Carl’s racist activities to Angie. The photos contained in the mail showing Carl’s behaviours while out of job was the cause of the volatile situation. In fact, Angie wanted Carls to be reprimanded.

It is should be noted that in order to do away with such situations, the training of employees of any organization is vital. For instance, employees of organizations should be trained on good relationships and interactions among themselves and their customers (Singh, 2010). This would have helped do away with Carl’s ill motives such as racist practices.

As a leader of the organization, firing Carl would have not been the right thing as this would not have stopped him from being racist. The best way to resolve the situation would be to call Carl to a private session where he would be told of the negative impacts that his racist practices have on the organization. He would then be warned against continuing with the behaviour of which, if he fails to stop would then be fired (Furnham & Taylor, 2010).


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