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Applied Leadership Justice Organizations

            There exist different types of leadership styles that various people in charge of organizational activities can identify with. These styles are democratic and autocratic among others that leaders in a company may adopt for their daily routines. I encounter people with different characters in my area of work as a security night guard at a mall. When I begin my work every day at night, I always have to deal with homeless people, drug addicts, and drunkards who come to the venue for reasons such as drug dealing, nursing hangovers, or even looking for a place to spend the night.

            Therefore, I consider myself a leader since I have to attend to the needs of a group of people who lead varied types of lifestyles. I have also had the chance in my work to be a leader especially when I took over the duty of deputy chief guard when he was away.

            Dealing with drunkards, drug addicts, homeless people, and drug dealers require strict measures; hence, forcing me to take authoritarian stance against such people otherwise they would cause more damage to the property and scare clients away. I prefer the democratic style of leadership since it enables every person to give their views and build a sense of collaboration and proper organizational culture in any area of work. However, I usually have to be strict and very authoritative when dealing with the mentioned groups of people, as they can be rowdy and very destructive. Therefore, being a leader who uses democratic style, I believe that being strict is a requirement especially when dealing with people whose methods of life contradicts the notion of normal life in any community.