Assignment Paper Writing on Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice

Discretion is defined as the people’s ability or right to act according to their opinion. An effective criminal justice system demands discretion decision making by police, courts, and correctional officers in maintenance of law and order. The justice process begins with law enforcement officers deciding to arrest through to probation actions. After an arrest is made, the prosecuting attorney takes over the case and exercise discretion in situational determination. As such, police officers must be prudent each time a case arises. For example, the policing officers may observe nuisance behaviors that have no clear laws or standards and thus use alternative resolutions. However, as much as discretion is allowed, officers are obliged to pursue state law and agency policy while making decisions.

The prosecuting attorney is guided by the need to promote justice rather the seeking convictions. As such, the prosecutors may present a range of plea agreements such as a suspended prison term, probation, or else substantial assistance. After the prosecuting and defense attorneys reach an agreement, the judge applies his discretion in proposing the solution to the state. As well, judges’ issue warrants and supervisory orders, as well as judgments based on the submitted evidence and circumstances. The judges’ role of mediation requires them to use judicial discretion and guidelines in deciding whether the suspect is guilty or not. After sentencing, the correctional officers are obliged to monitor inmates. For instance, an officer may apply his discretion, to recommend an early release if he is satisfied that the inmate will conform to the law. Discretion in the justice system is beneficial in that it allows law enforcers to review cases and offer alternative action plans to resolve a problem.

Justice is treating citizens equally and reasonably notwithstanding their social structure. A just society is based on the desire to promote equity and fairness through quality administrative laws. As such, justice means the administrative system warrants a safe society for everyone and individual rights being respected. This is the reason crime and abuse calls for quick actions to punish the offenders. Even though this does not revert mistreat the victim went through, the justice system actions to punish the wrongdoer consoles the insulted party. In my view, justice means people are protected from harm, and that criminals do not go scot-free. Nevertheless, justice also means that the penalty put on the wrongdoer match the magnitude of crime committed. Additionally, in pursuit of justice, there is need to ensure all laws and procedures are complied with in respect of human rights.

The America’s justice system has been flawed due to the reported harsh sentences as well as wrongful conviction cases. America is said to have the highest imprisonment rate besides having a large number of inmates. These flaws prove that our justice system does not promote justice nor does it guarantee security. However, the policing department has been promoting justice by apprehending criminals and averting criminal activities promptly. This ensures law and order is maintained in the society, thereby boosting social justice. In contrast, there have been cries that the courts through the prosecutor compel criminal defendants to take a guilty plea without following the due process. This shows that the justice system has been unsuccessful in ensuring fair trails and convictions. Lastly, conviction of criminals without enough evidence to link them to the crimes accused against is unfair and irrational.