Assignment Help on Mission Statement Case Statement

Name Of Organization: MUSICARES’ organization

Project Title: fundraising for drug addiction

Amount Needed: $ 85,000

Mission Statement Case Statement

MusiCares offers a safety net of decisive assistance for music persons in times of necessity. MusiCares’ resources and services and cover different ranges of personal financial and medical emergencies, and each advent are treated with confidentiality and integrity. MusiCares also narrows the attention and resources of this music industry on individuals’ service issues that directly influence the welfare and health of the music society. This accentuated with the fact that most musicians are deemed to help the vulnerable persons in their time of need, this organizations is geared towards seeing that happening.

The organization has been doing a lot of projects that have been instrumental in restructuring the music industry. This includes helping the needy persons in the music industry, promoting healthcare support to the various departments across the music industry. This has made the organization gain a lot of ground in terms of being seen an organization that gives back to the society. At this point in time the organization is engaged in the fight against drug addiction in various regions across the state. The main aim of this mission is to reach out to those persons who are suffering from this menace and give these persons healthcare services that they need in order to survive.  This will also give the organization the opportunity of doing the research on the adverse effects that drugs addiction has on these individuals. It is also imperative to note that most of the activities done by this organization are done on voluntary terms and that’s why it is a charitable organization.

The organization is deemed to carry out its scheduled program soon. For it to carry participate in this outreach to persons suffering from drug addiction, the organization has requires some finances that would help it successfully meet its goals. These activities have been grouped in various sections. The organization as at now needs some finds to accomplish this noble task ahead of them. There is dire need for the funds for the organization since the organization is deemed to use these funds to rescue lives somewhere across the country. The budget for the organization to accomplish this mission is as follows.

Item                                                                                                                 amount ($)

Purchase of medical drugs                                                                              120,000

Purchase of medical equipments                                                                     50,000

The travelling expenses                                                                                   20,000

Purchasing of equipment and other materials                                                 10,000

The payment to the doctors who will treat these patients                              100,000

Purchase of foodstuffs donated to patients                                                   100,000

Miscellaneous                                                                                                  50,000

Total cost of the mission                                                                                 450,000

The amount available                                                                                   365,000

Deficit fund needed                                                                                         85,000

From the budget brought forward above, it is evident that the organization is in dire need of the deficit amount in order to accomplish this noble task it started. The mount of funding that is needed as at now is $ 85,000. The organization seeks for this fund to accomplish the following.

  • Through this funding the organization will be able to address the ailment need of various patients suffering from drug addiction across the nation’s divide. This coupled with the fact that most of these patients are those in the society who are very dear to us as humanity.
  • The funds will also be directed toward sensitization on the best ways in which various families could possibly engage in the prevention and treatment of drug addicted persons. With this, a course of action would be taken to step down the drug addiction in various individuals in the society.
  • The main mission of this outreach is to give guidance to how drug addiction could be dealt with. This fund will help the organization to buy the various types of medication that will be donated to these persons being visited as a measure to treat the drug addiction stances in various individuals among the citizens of this nation.
  • Research and development on the adverse effects that drug abuse has on the society is quite essential. This is because it will foster investigation on how best drug addiction could be prevented. These funds will also be stipulated in making sure that various researches on drugs and drug abuse are done and a profound proposition on how the menace could be dealt with even as it affects us.

Looking at the above reasons, it is quite imperative for the organization to be availed the funds which they are deemed to use properly in ensuring that drug addiction incidences are reduced considerably. The life of an individual is quite important and needs to be guarded. The workforce of a country depicts the kind of economy that country is going to have now and in the future. For this matter, this organization is keen to the theme of making sure that at least a section of individual in the country are healthy and ready to build the nation. This is a very bold step that the organization has taken. It now calls for the support and encouragement of the members of this team to help in spearheading development by giving back to the poor. The organization seeks for donations that would help it accomplish this goal. These funds that the organization seeks will form platform for which the needy patients will be rescued from this drug addiction.