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A great change has taken place in relation to the voting statistics in the US. There have been constant fluctuations in the trends of voters over the years. Between 2000 and 2008, the number of people involved in the voting process has been constantly increasing. Nevertheless, in 2012, the turnout was a bit lower (Elections results par. 1-5). As such, the number is still lower compared to the turnout in other earlier periods. This indicates the voter turnout in the US is very low. It is because of high levels of ignorance. In addition, there are also misunderstandings and misconceptions on a number of issues. For instance, some people feel that a single vote would not make a major difference. There are those who are also discouraged by opinion poll results, and do not have a proper understanding on how the system operates.

Most of the latest trends indicate that more men than women take part in the voting process. In particular, more elderly people are taking part in the elections than the younger ones. However, most of those who are between 18 years and 20 years are also voting in large numbers.  In relation to race or ethnic background, more whites are voting in large numbers. They are followed by the blacks while the Hispanics have the least number of votes. Those with a higher level of income and education have in the recent past tended to vote highly compared to those with lower incomes and education levels.

Hypothetical Talk of U.S. Combat Troops in Iraq Reveals Disconnect

This article brings about the ironclad issue that has taken root in the US. It is about the ISIS strategy developed by the US president Barrack Obama. Initially, he had indicated that no troops would be taken back to Iraq for combat. This vow was made by the president a while ago as it was part of his campaign strategy. However, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Martin Dempsey, indicated otherwise. He pointed out to the congress that they were not ruling out the recommendation to deploy the U.S ground troops to attack the ISIS targets. It is expected to happen in case there is a failure in the current air campaigns that are being held in Iraq.

According to Dempsey, this situation would only occur under particular circumstances. He states that it would be important when it becomes necessary for the advisers to accompany the troops in Iraq on their attacks against the ISIL targets. It is at this point that the step will be recommended to the president.

The hypothetical question had been vetted by the Whitehouse priory. It however underscored the promises that had been made by the president and his assistants. They were a proof that combat troops could not be taken out of Iraq completely. The situation appears to be even more complicated with the promises from White House to provide an alternative by coming up with a different plan against the Islamist terrorists. It came as a response through the admission by President Frank that there was no better strategy with the ISIS in Syria last month.

This message will continue next month when Obama, the Central Command of the US, will be in Tampa. A brief explanation will be provided to him by the top commanders. They will also discuss the ability to coalesce against ISIS with representatives from other partnering nations. Most Americans support the airstrikes in Syria and Iraq, but are against the idea of combats on the ground (Acosta & Liptak par. 1-15).

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