Article Review Paper on 5 million Gmail passwords hacked and leaked, here is how to check yours

Gmail accounts have been hacked and the accounts details posted in a Russian bit coin site. The hackers claim to have accessed five million email accounts. Accounts’ hacking has been on the rise but none of the previously reported was of this magnitude. Luckily, the administrators of that website have removed the passwords but the emails hacked are all listed on that forum (Dan, par 1). Developers have come up with an app meant to help people quickly and easily determine whether their email accounts are among those hacked. Users are only required to fill in their email address and then let the app search for the email password; if its manages get the password then it shows that the email is among those hacked (Dan, par 2). However, Google noted that the listed email passwords are mostly old and not in use. This has been confirmed by a number of victims who have posted their comments on the news article.

Consequently, the article recommends that people should regularly change their passwords to protect their accounts. This is to counter the increasing number of techniques that hackers are employing to get account details. Failure to do this leaves the account exposed and at the mercy of hackers. It is worth noting that hacking has become rampant as more people use the internet. This is a major threat to technology since hacking limits the extent to which people are willing to trust technology and employ it in their day to day lives. I believe the internet will form a major part of our lives as more services even in developing countries become accessible online. Therefore, people will have to learn how to deal with the threat posed by hackers. Finally, hacking is an ethical issue that will gain popularity as more people fall victim to it

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