Architecture Sample Paper on Integrated Lean Project Delivery

Integrated Lean Project Delivery

The most significant concept that I have learnt from Boldt is the idea of collaboration among various parties in a construction project from the beginning of the design process. All parties, for instance, the architect, the structural engineer, the MEP engineer, the main contractor, and the subcontractors should work together from the beginning of the design process. According to Boldt (2015), this approach has reduced the overall cost of construction. Additionally, it has reduced wastage during the construction site.

The lean concept is a philosophy in itself. It involves changing the whole approach to construction. It has two main parts: value addition and waste reduction. The value addition to the client is attained by reduction of scarce resources utilized in construction. In the construction of the Cathedral Hill Hospital, Boldt was able to reduce significantly the capital cost of the project leading to savings of 13 million US dollars for the client (Boldt, 2015).

The concept of Integrated Lean Project Delivery also reduces the project completion time. Traditionally, a particular party, such as the structural engineer would come up with a solution and share it with the relevant parties. In Integrated Lean Project Delivery, all parties are involved in problem solving, at both the design phase and the implementation phase. The different parties in the project have different experience in the construction industry. Therefore, they know the solutions can be realized, and those that cannot be realized in their respective fields of expertise. Each party’s input in problem solving will lead to the most practical and economical solution being adopted.

One of the disadvantages is that since all parties will be involved in the design phase of a project, parties that were traditionally involved only in the implementation phase will charge extra fees for their involvement in the design phase. However, this additional cost may be insignificant compared to the cost savings that will arise from the Integrated Lean Project Delivery concept.


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