Application Letter Admission Essay Paper on Personal Statement

Personal Statement

My interest and passion in music dates back to my years in high school, when I got a rare opportunity and studied music. My father influenced my career life, and henceforth, I inherited the passion for music. He guided me in practicing to play violin as I entangled with other like-minded people who encouraged me to push on with music.

I have good background in music denoted by my proficiency in playing violin (level 9), notation, and playing techniques. In addition, I am lucky to have participated in different forums and occasions – both public and private. Thus, I have the capability to work with diverse people who hold different views. This enhanced my confidence and knowledge in dealing with a multitude of diverse cultures and ethnic groups. Moreover, I am talented in games such as football, swimming, soccer, and tennis.

I intend to work in a diverse environment in my future career. Thus, I find Syracuse University to be the perfect place, as well as the best institution because it offers studies in a diverse environment as well as encouraging diversity. This will ensure that I am in a position to accommodate people from different regions and countries. I will benefit a lot from participation in various dynamic groups in your organization. The good image about your organization prevalent amongst alumni places your organization at the apex of the education sector.

I am adequately aware of the services offered in your institution. Some of the alumni from your institution have influenced my decision in joining you. Most of them are successful in their lives, and hence act as proof that the institution offers quality education. This will facilitate my skills and competence in computer-oriented studies. I am looking forward to joining you for my PHD.