Sample Case Study Summary: Affirmative Action

Affirmative Action

Policies and programs designed to ensure that all members of particular societies enjoy equality are referred to as Affirmative Action plans. Such programs and policies are essential in modern day United States due to various reasons. The key reasons behind this need include the under representation of the people of color in various sectors of the economy and the discrimination against various racial categories in cases where there are opportunities. For instance, Hispanics are stereotyped as being lazy and thus overlooked where opportunities are prevalent.

Schools and organizations can also identify with principles of affirmative action to help avoid discrimination in such places. Although principles of affirmative action are strong even in the United States, their application is still limited particularly through the discriminating hiring practices by various organizations. It is thus desirable for all companies to adopt principles of affirmative action in order to develop corporate cultures that are morally inclined towards non-discriminatory practices.

According to Braun, affirmative action has driven the operations of schools as well as organizations which rose in the wake of the policies. However, discrimination still occurs to a large extent especially in hiring practices. From the report by Braun, most of the top management personnel in many organizations are males who are white, indicating discrimination against females as well as against people of color. Despite the efforts to incorporate affirmative action into hiring practices, glass ceilings are cited to be the most challenging barrier to implementation of non-discriminatory policies. Such barriers include the stereotyping of women and minority groups by men and lack of equal opportunities for men and women of color in hiring corporations. It is therefore critical that organizations create cultures that alienate such barriers but incorporate principles of affirmative action.


Braun, Carol Moseley. The Black Scholar: Affirmative Action and the Glass ceiling, vol. 25, no. 3, 1995, 7-15.


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