Advantages and Disadvantages of High Metabolism

Advantages and Disadvantages of High Metabolism

To understand the advantages and disadvantages of high metabolism, it is essential that you have an idea of what metabolism is all about. Metabolism is the conversion of food into energy through a chemical process in the human body. Individuals with high metabolism convert food quickly compared to those with low metabolism.

A high metabolism is often considered an advantage but it comes with its disadvantages. For instance, a person with high metabolism eats a lot of food to maintain his or her weight. Such a person also has issues gaining weight. Therefore, it is easier for the individual to have blood sugar problems, mood swings and irregular heartbeat.

With the above in mind, it is also good to note that metabolism is affected by different factors including gender an age. Men tend to have a relatively high metabolism compared to women. Additionally, kids or young people have a high metabolism compared to the elderly. For these reasons, it is essential to understand your body and plan for a good diet. In the event of low metabolism, you can boost it by

  • Setting up an exercise program that you can easily stick to. Muscle development increases the rate of metabolism significantly. More muscle means that more energy or calories will be used to maintain a healthy body.
  • Avoid dieting by all means because it puts the body on a survival mode. Therefore, it is easy for you to reduce your food intake. The body will think it is starving and will try as much as possible to conserve more energy.
  • It is important to drink plenty of water to boost your metabolism
  • Avoid over processed food and consider whole grains
  • Have a good night’s sleep

What are the advantages and disadvantages of high metabolism?


Those with high metabolism in many cases have a healthy body size. This is because the food they eat is easily converted into energy. Such an individual does not gain weight easily.

A person with high metabolism can eat just about anything without having to watch his or her diet. One can eat as more often compared to an individual with normal metabolism. This also means that the person cannot suffer from poor feeding or poor nutrition by depriving the body food for a longer period.


In many cases, a person with high metabolism cannot gain or maintain weight for a long time. This is specifically difficult for expectant mothers because weight gain is important for the baby’s health and that of the mother. A woman needs good nutrition and fuel for herself and the baby by eating for two. It is therefore a disadvantage because a pregnant woman will have to work closely with a medic and ensure she eats well for two for a healthy pregnancy.

High metabolism also has a direct effect on blood sugar level. When the body converts food into energy quickly, blood sugar levels tend to dip during the day leading to irregular heartbeat, irritability and excessive sweating. Maintain healthy blood sugar level is imperative for every one and it means that a person with high metabolism will have to get more time to eat as much as he or she can during the day.

Health effects of high metabolism can be managed by taking frequent meals. However, in other cases, a medic can recommend prescription to slow down the rate of metabolism. This can easily lead to hyperthyroidism, a condition characterized with production of various hormones that push metabolism even further.

In other cases, high metabolism is associated with high mortality rate. According to past research studies, high basal metabolic rate is indicative of a poor general health status, poor nutrition and homeostatic dysregulation. These can easily led to many life threatening conditions in the end. The other reason for high mortality is closely associated with oxidative damage in individuals with high metabolism.

It is clear that high metabolism is considered an advantage by many but the reality is that it comes with many risks. Therefore, it is essential to maintain a healthy metabolic rate to lead a healthy lifestyle.

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