Adaptive Strategies and their Influence on the Performance of an Organization Management Essay sample

Designing Adaptive Strategies and its Influence in the Performance of an Organization

  1. Most of the concepts contained in our discussion of the schools of management thought are based primarily on research and reports written fifty or more years ago; what is the purpose of studying it today?

The purpose of studying this video is to learn how organizations can come up with strategies that will enable it to adapt through various changes and interruptions in the business cycle and ensure that their employees are comfortable in their organizations. There are very many changes that occur within the organization and hence the management and staff have to be prepared to adjust the strings in order to ensure that there is smooth running of the organizations processes and operations.

  • Most organizations strive to be “the best of the best.” The author believes that success depends to a large extent on using an appropriate supervisory style that help people be the “best they can be!” How might you, being in a position of supervisory responsibility, use the ideas presented in the video to help your organization be “the best of the best?”

The e-commerce company has done its best to try and put in a management structure that has few hierarchical shortcomings. The management structure used by is organic in nature. The organization has put in place few rules, procedures and principles to be followed in the organization. Moreover, there are a small number of levels and ranks in the organization. As a result, the employees can establish informal relationships since there is constant communication and collaboration.

The organization is thus made to be flexible and adaptable as possible. The company can easily adapt to changing circumstances and situations such as economic upheavals. Additionally, as a result of flexibility the company has been able to develop methods and strategies that are aimed at reaching the consumers/customers effectively thus ensuring customer satisfaction which eventually leads to customer retention. There are also very few ranks within the company to enhance collaboration and communication. The employees have been given a chance to exercise their professional judgement in various decision making capacities.

  • Would you like to work for this organization? Why? Why not? How could the organization best use your SKAs?

I would like to work in this organization since there is no bureaucracy in the decision process. Employees are given a chance to exercise their professional judgement to put my skills and knowledge acquired in class practically in the industry. The organic structure adopted by the company makes it human resource highly productive. The employees are able to determine how the organization can utilize its resources to ensure they create valuable goods and services.

  • How could one of your local government agencies or the local school system use the principles/ideas in the video to do a better job of creating value for the taxpayer and the clients they serve?

The school local system can strive to come up with training programs for the local staff. Training programs play a key role in improving the skills of staff and their grasp of the organizational rules, principles and cultures. They should also encourage the employees to balance their ambitions. The employees should be encouraged to achieve professional work in their workplaces while at the same time balancing their social lives. Professional work should be influenced by the social life of the employee.

The local governments and the local school system should foster conduction of due diligence to ensure the changes either from internal or external influences are factored into the organization’s strategies and approaches. The employees should be regularly encouraged and given motivational talks to cope up with changes in the organization. The organization should also strive to identify the key competencies of each employee and take advantage of the different talents and skills. The organization should ensure they encourage their employees to be consistent in their achievements.

  • In today’s economy, people must constantly strive to add value to that toolbox. How did viewing this Supervision in Action Video Clip help you gain a better understanding of an organization’s keys to success?

Organizations strive to market their products through building strong and different brands that stand out in the market through aggressive marketing. Employees are encouraged to work for long hours which are compensated through bonuses and overtime in order to increase the productivity of the organization. The entrepreneurs should be smart risk takers by identifying incredible business opportunities in the environment that can be exploited for increase in revenue and profit margins.


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