A research on creating a Healthy Workplace for New Generation Nurses

A Research on Creating A Healthy Workplace For New Generation Nurses

The researches while conducting this study opted to use a quantitative approach method as opposed to a qualitative one. The authors of the research used this approach due to the fact that, what was being measured was mainly a trend in the nursing industry, and quantitative evidence could be found. Another factor that could have made the researchers, to opt for this method, was that the concept in question, could be measured by use of ratios effectively.

The authors opted to use the correctional design of research.  The research was meant to relate different variables at the nurses’ working place, and how they affect them. The measurement of the variables was done to determine if the effect they have could be curbed in future. The authors chose the design because, the variables constituting the psychosocial work environment of the nurses, were numerous, and they affected the psychological health of the nurses differently.

Conclusive results in this type of research could have been achieved by the use of an entirely descriptive design of research. A descriptive method, would have provided a vivid picture of what was happening on the ground at the moment. One major advantage of this design is that, it allows the development of further questions during the research (Stangor, 2011). As much as the use of correlational designed yielded results after the research, its conclusion may have depended on statistics from an earlier time.

Descriptive design would have given the authors the real data at that time, hence, the results would have been more conclusive and a less margin of error would have occurred.


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