Sample Essay Summary: A Description of Dallas, Texas

A Description of Dallas, Texas

A walk through the City of Dallas brought to mind many thoughts about humanity and their behaviors. First, the city gives the image of cheerful people, eager to meet their leaders and to show how much they love the leaders. Without knowing the reason behind cheers and their origin, I first thought the residents of the city were cheering at me and only realized later that it was to show their joy for the coming of the president and the first lady, a joy which was best described through the words of the governor’s wife that the people of Dallas love the president. Through the street of Elm and the neighborhood of Button, Dallas gives different perceptions. The unkempt field with long and fine grass, and beautiful flowers give different images of the city, i.e. that there is no one to take care of the field while the endless dirty mud trail gives an image of things started, which never get finished. However, the probability that there was something to be done to complete the trail gave a sense of hope.

As one of the largest metropolis in the United States, Dallas has a fair share of roads and passageways all classified according to their uses and sizes into limited access highways and minor streets among others. The city has various activities ranging from the Arboretum Park which provides events for the old to the shops in the streets where one can find everything needed. From the experience had in Dallas, I can conclude that the city is indeed one of the most popular and busiest cities in the United States due to the variety of activities and visitors it hosts.



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