Sample HRM Term Paper Summary: “Is Human Resource Strategic In Kuwait‘?

Is Human Resource Strategic In Kuwait?

Human resource management refers to the effective management of the available persons in any company or organization. It is an essential part of organizational management as it involves the hiring, training, motivation and management of employees. Aspects such as communication are also essential parts of human resource management. This aspect involves optimum utilization of the available human resources. Strategic HR management involves alignment of organizational objectives to the available human resources to ensure that all the set goals are met effectively (Bratton, 2002).

Due to the need for economic growth in all aspects of Kuwait’s economy, research indicates that strategic human resource management is increasingly being used in the country. In the country’s petroleum industry, training was once organized to equip managers with the relevant human resources management skills in order to improve sector performance. In the process, various lessons on work ethics were also passed, making an impact of the desire to develop a work environment based on trust. The same is being replicated in other sectors such as the banking sector where there is a desire to make optimum use of the available resources.

The managers are taught to establish effective communication and to place the welfare of employees first in their operations. In Kuwait, the petroleum industry had already begun the lead into taking advantage of human resource management for organizational success. The same has since been observed in the civil service sector as well as in other sectors where there are efforts to enhance employee productivity and job performance through strategic human resource development. The banking sector similarly provides training for the employees on all aspects of operations to improve their performance.

In a study by EdilElSharif et al (2010), it was shown that effective performance is linked to the commitment and motivation of employees which is only achievable through strategic human resource management. Other studies have shown that the longevity of an employee in an organization is linked to recognition factor, which can be realized through the use of strategic management. Similarly, organization managers in most companies are aware of the strategies for effective human resource management.

The analysis of different sectors in Kuwait indicates readiness to implement strategic human resource management. However, there is an indication that poor performance in various industries in Kuwait in the past may be due to the lack of supportive organizational cultures since most organizations are run in hierarchies. Adopting strategic human resource management is one of the ways through which these organizations can achieve competitive advantage. Through hiring professionals and training them as in the banking sector, petroleum and the civil service, the organizations ensure that employee welfare is recognized. The organizations thus make work easier for the employees (Alabduljader, 2012).

Other organizational strategies such as awareness of market trends, employee skills and company structures can help an organization to attain greater performance. The strategies facilitate the development of organizations in a future oriented manner. For instance, training employees on market trends by the banking sector makes them aware of their opportunities and challenges. This makes it possible to provide quality services to the organizations.

Many companies in Kuwait offer local and international services. The dependence on strategic human resource management for the achievement of organizational objectives makes the subject a complex issue. Knowledge of strategic human resources management principles might affect the performance of organizations in ways that are unpredictable.



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