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    Primary And Secondary Data in Research Writing

    Research Writing Defining the two Primary data in research writing refers to data that is collected through meetings, surveys, focus group discussions, interviews or any other method that involves an interaction or direct contact with the study subjects or respondents; the data has never been used before. Secondary data in research writing is already existing data, and has been used prior to the intended research. One can access secondary data from information storage systems, statistics bureau among other places. Difference between primary data and secondary data

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    Plagiarism And Writing Research Papers

    Writing Research Papers Plagiarism is commonly defined as presenting another person’s ideas without giving them credibility. It is not only an academic crime it also violates academic courtesy. To avoid accusation of plagiarism when writing research papers, research writers need to acknowledge that ideas are not originally theirs by citing in the following: If they summarize a section of a text If they use another person’s thoughts, ideas and opinions If they use any information that is not common knowledge, statistics, facts and graphs It they quote directly any works of another writer. The quoted text must be enclosed in quotation marks If they paraphrase a part of somebody’s thoughts or opinion

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    Methods of Primary Data Collection In Research Paper

    Research Paper The aims and objectives of a research assignment determines whether you engage in primary data collection or secondary data collection. In this article are methods you can use to collect primary data necessary to write an outstanding research paper. Observation The researcher studies the research subjects from their natural environment and natural setting. It is useful where the researcher wants to get information that cannot be obtained through interviews, especially where behavioral change is involved. It is also discouraged because it consumes time and is subject to the bias of the researcher.

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    Witing a Research Paper Outline

    Research Paper Outline Writing a research paper successfully requires prior planning. A research paper outline is a useful tool that you can exploit to help you in organizing your research paper assignment. A research paper outline should bear the structure of format demonstrated below: a)     The title b)     The statement of purpose c)      The introduction The introduction should describe the research problem, the importance of researching on the problem and analysis, the scope of study and research questions, and how the results obtained from the research will be applied. d)     The methodology-

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    Why use Interviews as A method of Data Collection in Research Writing

    Research Writing An interview is an interpersonal communication where the interviewer (the researcher) seeks to get information from the respondent (the research subject) on a particular research question. Interviews are most appropriate in research writing for the following reasons: If the researchers wants to understand attitudes and feelings that cannot be expressed through writing If the researcher desires to have an in-depth evaluation of the research topic If the research topic is sensitive, in that respondents may feel uncomfortable discussing the topic in a group setting If the researcher needs to give the respondent more information on  the significance of the research If the researcher needs to get important information on strategic planning and allocation of

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    Interview As a Method of Data Collection in Research Paper

    Research Paper Interview is a method of data collection used in qualitative researches. The researcher also known as the interview asks the questions and the other party, also known as the respondents gives the answers. Due to the nature and objective of using interview in writing a research paper, interviews take time to conduct and do not have a specific structure. Purpose of interview as a data collection method The following are main functions of an interview: To explore- it gives insight and improve the quality of quantitative researches

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