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    Writing a Grant Proposal: Problem Statement

    Grant Proposal This chapter of a grant proposal focuses stating the problem that the intended project will be addressing, and why it is important to address the problem in the said setting/society. Although there could be other problems in the society, you need to focus on one; perhaps you could mention other issues related to the problem you are addressing, and how solving the main issue would contribute to solving them or minimizing their impact in the society. This section of the grant proposal should also consist of background information or data that will help quantify the magnitude of the problem. Although it is argued that qualitative data helps in improving the quality of quantitative data, it is advisable that you use quantitative data when writing a grant proposal. The data presented in this section of a grant proposal should be based on facts for the proposal to have credibility.

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    Writing a Grant Proposal: Goals and Objectives

    Writing a Grant Proposal Goals and objectives play a significant role when writing a grant proposal because to some extent they guide the project. The grant proposal should state the expected results of the project, and benefits to the society. When conceptualizing this section of a grant proposal, invest time in developing and writing strong goals and objectives. Strong goals and objectives make it easy to implement and evaluate the project. Therefore, you should make sure that you write them in both general terms and measurable terms. Applying critical thinking skills plays a significant role in writing this section of a grant proposal.

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    The components of a grant proposal

    Grant Proposal Grant proposal is one document that you cannot afford to mess up with. It must be written following the stipulated sections, and each section must have relevant information. Below is a general guideline on the components of a grant proposal, but is bound to vary based on the requirements of a particular funding institution. 1)     The cover letter When writing a grant proposal, it should be one page written on the letterhead for the applicant and signed by the highest official in the organization. The letter should allude to prior discussion, and should show an understanding of the donor’s vision, and how the project will contribute to accomplishment of the vision.

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    FAQs about applying for a grant

    Grant Below are some of the frequently asked questions by grant applicants when they write grant proposals. However, in the event you feel that your question is not addressed or adequately addressed, you can contact the funding organization or experts in writing grant proposals to assist you. a)     Should I apply for grant in a single organization or different organizations? It is advisable to apply for a grant in more than one organization. This is because there is a proposal that you might not get complete funding from a single organization, or your application may be turned down. b)     What should I do is my proposal is rejected?

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