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    Literature Review Writing For a Research Paper

    Literature Review Writing It is possible to have current, credible, authoritative and reliable sources for research but fail to deliver a high quality or an effective literature review. How then do you overcome this setback in literature review writing? a)     Present strong evidence Good literature review writing should be characterized by evaluation as opposed to summarizing. As such, just like you would state facts in your research paper and back them with facts, demonstrate that your interpretation is valid through presenting unquestionable evidence from your sources. b)     Write your paper selectively

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    Types Of a Literature Review

    A literature survey involves an evaluation of sources relevant to the specific topic you are studying. Although many students know that definition, only a few know the types of literature review. This article focuses on the types of literature review. To know the type of literature review you should engage in, it is paramount that you understand the nature of your research and your research question. Below are some approaches you can take in writing or conducting a literature review: Historical literature review It focus is conducting a research on a subject at a specified period. It covers the first time an issue, concept, theory, framework or theory emerged.

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    The Purpose Of a Literature Review in Research Paper Writing

    Literature Review One of the mistakes you can make when writing a research paper is failure to conduct a literature survey. A literature survey involves gathering or collecting information that is relevant to your field of specialization. Although you do not required to present an analysis in the literature review chapter, it is important that you possess critical analysis skills. Analysis skills guide you on the direction your research will take. The purpose or conducting a literature review The information collected during a literature survey helps to place your research into context and the significance of that literature in the research assignment.

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    Important Factors to Consider When Writing a Literature Review

    Literature Review To write a thesis statement and consequently write a research paper that will give you the desired results, you must conduct a comprehensive thesis statement. One of the misconceptions that students have about writing a literature review is that the more your sources the better. This is not necessarily true, you could have many sources that do not add value to your research paper, consequently, you write a thesis statement that is not up to standard and a research paper of the same quality. What factors should you consider then, to conduct and write a high quality literature review for the research paper?

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    How To Conduct a Literature Review

    Literature Review That you should review literature before writing a research paper is not an option. A literature review is an exhaustive survey on previously done researches on a specific point of view. You must however conduct your literature survey from credible and authoritative sources. If you are using articles or reports, be careful to note that they are peer-reviewed, otherwise they will be disqualified. The guide to conducting an effective; literature survey is guided by the objective your study, whether you want to take an exploratory or argumentative approach etc. Through conducting a review of literature, you have an opportunity to: Demonstrate your information seeking skills, and

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