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    Understanding the Scope of Research:Write a Research Paper

    Write a Research Paper Any time students are required to write a research paper, one of the guidelines given in order to write the assignment successfully is to define the scope of study, but the question is, do they really understand what the scope of study means and the significance of defining the scope of study? This article endeavors to help students understand the scope of study, and how to write when called upon to write a research paper. The scope of study is basically what the research project will cover, it define the extent to which the intended research will cover in order to derive logical conclusions from the research and provide satisfactory answers to the research question (s) raised.

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    Witing a Research Paper Outline

    Research Paper Outline Writing a research paper successfully requires prior planning. A research paper outline is a useful tool that you can exploit to help you in organizing your research paper assignment. A research paper outline should bear the structure of format demonstrated below: a)     The title b)     The statement of purpose c)      The introduction The introduction should describe the research problem, the importance of researching on the problem and analysis, the scope of study and research questions, and how the results obtained from the research will be applied. d)     The methodology-

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    Interview As a Method of Data Collection in Research Paper

    Research Paper Interview is a method of data collection used in qualitative researches. The researcher also known as the interview asks the questions and the other party, also known as the respondents gives the answers. Due to the nature and objective of using interview in writing a research paper, interviews take time to conduct and do not have a specific structure. Purpose of interview as a data collection method The following are main functions of an interview: To explore- it gives insight and improve the quality of quantitative researches

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    Qualitative and quantitative data collection methods in Writing a Research Paper

    Writing a Research Paper The success of writing a research paper is largely based on the data collection and data analysis methods that you employ in your research assignment. it is argued  that it is the methodology chapter  that validates the credibility of every research assignment. For every research assignment therefore, you must be careful to choose the most suitable data collection method for the specific assignment. One of the factors that you should consider when selecting a method for data collection is the nature of your research. You could have a research with a qualitative nature or quantitative nature, which means that the research project will focus on different aspects.

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    Proofreading and Editing the Research Paper

     Research Paper Research paper assignments should be perfectly edited and proofread. You should never allow your supervisor or instructor to proofread or edit your assignment, because it will do you no good. Yes, it is understood that out of going through research papers repeatedly there is a tendency of not noticing some conspicuous errors, but this is not a justification for presenting a research paper rich in errors. To overcome this, set your completed work a side for a day or two before editing. This will help you develop a fresh look at your assignment, hence noticing your mistakes. If this is not possible, draw in a different person to edit your work. What should you look for when proofreading and editing your work?         i.            Cohesiveness and coherence Is there a connectivity or continuous flow in the ideas you have presented in the research paper, whether in the same section of the research paper or in different chapters of the research paper?

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    Preliminary Research for a Research Paper

    Research Paper One of the grievous mistakes students make as they write their research papers is assuming that they can submit an excellent paper without necessarily conducting a preliminary research. The purpose of conducting a preliminary research is as stated below: It helps you know if your research topic is too wide or too narrow It helps you identify the specifics of your assignment It helps you identify the most suitable resources for your assignment It helps you evaluate availability of sources for your research It helps you to understand and internalize the main aspects of your research paper How do you do a preliminary research?

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    Guidelines of Writing a Research Paper Abstract

    Abstract Closely related to how to write an abstract for a research paper is how to research a paper. This is because both of them involve reading and understanding the entire context, from which you select the most suitable information for your assignment. this article will however focus on how to write a research paper as opposed to how to research a paper. An abstract is a summary for your research write-up and the main reason for writing the abstract is: It helps the reader know the contents of the research without necessarily having to read the entire text It gives you an opportunity to present your preliminary findings

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    Formatting a Research Paper in MLA

    Research Paper Different institutions, fields of study and levels of study have different requirements in relation to formatting assignments. MLA, APA, Chicago, Turabian and Harvard are the commonly used in research writing and every institution or faculty has reasons for the choice of the style used. Students are advised to follow instructions given to the letter. The focus of this article is giving a guideline on how a research paper should be formatted in MLA. a)     Paper Write the research paper on a white paper 81/2 by 11 inches b)     Spacing Spacing in a MLA paper should be double spacing, including the body, notes, the reference or any work quoted.

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    Errors to Avoid When Writing Research Papers

    Research Papers Although writing a research paper is a demanding task, the anxiety that accompanies writing a research paper due to its significance in the life of a students cannot be overruled as one of the factors that contribute to errors when called upon to write research papers. In this article are errors made, consciously or unconsciously when students write research papers. a)     Lack of clarity- One of the reasons why students write research papers that lack clarity is failure to understand the purpose of the research, the objective of the research or getting information from sources that do not relate to the research question among other factors.

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    Differences Qetween Qualitative and Quantitative Research Papers

    Research Papers The main difference between qualitative and quantitative research is that while the former focuses on non-numeric results, the later focuses on numeric results. This article delves in giving more differences between the two methods commonly used in writing research papers. Quantitative research It focuses on cause and effects relationships Data collection is a requirement Hypothesis formulation is done prior to the investigation and researches are based on theories

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    Choosing a Topic for a Research Paper

    Research Paper Some argue that the success of research paper writing lies in the topic you choose, while others say the choice does not play a significant role, what matters is how you address the topic chosen, in case, some research assignment do not allow research writers the privilege to choose a topic. Whichever the standpoint, at one point in their course of study, students find themselves given the challenge to use a topic suitable for excellent research paper writing. How then should students select a topic for their study, and how do they know the topic’s suitability?         I.            Relevance

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  • History Research Papers:College Research Paper

    History is important in the modern world because it helps identify patterns, processes and procedures. History research papers, history term papers, history dissertations and history theses discuss matters such as evolution, historical political events, geographical developments and events, revolutions, historical religious matters, cultures and traditions of a society, among other issues.

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  • Finance Research Papers

    Research Papers Like for many other types of academic assignments, students want to score top grades for Finance research papers. In fact, it is the single motivation why many students look to buying quality research papers from professional online writing firms. You bet, it is worthless to spend countless sleepless nights rushing through to complete the assignment, only to fail or to get undesirable grades! Note that research papers in education are responsible for considerable grade weight to the final grading.

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  • English research papers

    English Research Papers Unlike other research papers such as marketing, economic or sociology research papers, English research papers are perceived difficult to write, yet it is a requirement for you to complete your studies successfully. One of the reasons for this is because for instance you can test and confirm facts when writing economics or sociology research papers scientifically as opposed to English research papers. This should not be the case. The following are important points that students can follow to write high quality English research papers, just like their counter parts writing economics or sociology research papers.

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  • Custom Written Research Papers

    Research Papers Custom written research papers are those adhering to certain specifications. The person in need of the paper generates such specifications or instructions guiding writing of the paper. Such could be a professor in a given institution, college or school, giving assignments to his/her students. They could be tutors or lecturers in such institutions. In most cases, custom written research papers are tailored according to certain specifications highlighting the nature of the content, quality of content, format and structure of the content, as well as the deadline requirement. In most colleges, students get assignments on specific research papers topics and such essays research papers are used to grade them.

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